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New Year's Resolutions Guide 2023

21st December 2022 in Seasonal

New Year's Resolutions. It's the time of year when people make promises to themselves about what they're going to change in their lives. They resolve to "drink less", find a new job, or get fitter.

New Year's resolutions are a tradition that dates back millennia. They're the first day of the year and the first day of your life, so it makes sense that people would want to reflect on where they've been and set goals for where they're going.

But what are new years resolutions? Are they different from goals? And how can you actually make them happen? What follows is a guide to setting your own New Year's resolutions.

What Is a New Year's Resolution?

A new year's resolution is a promise or pledge to change or improve something in your life. It could be something big (like losing weight) or small (like drinking more water). It could be related to health, finances or relationships. These pledges often come with deadlines — Jan. 1 marks the start of a new year and 365 days for you to achieve your promises.

New Year's Resolutions vs Goals

Resolutions are similar to goals, but with an important difference: New Year's resolutions are usually personal and specific, whereas goals tend to be more general and amorphous — like "I want to get fit this year" vs "I'm going to sign up for my local gym membership."

But how many people actually stick to their resolutions?

The reality is that most people give up on their New Year's Resolutions after just six weeks. This is because their 'resolutions' are too hard, or just seem too far from achievable. People expect too much of themselves and do very little to keep up with the expectations. As a result, you become lazy and demotivated - there go the resolutions (until next year of course!).

So how do you keep your resolutions and make this year different?

The answer lies in deciding what you really want from life, rather than making vague promises like 'I want to lose weight'. For example, if you do want to lose weight, how much and by when? How will you do this? Which gym will you go to, and how will you make sure you are consistent with it? Asking yourself questions and answering them honestly will help you to be accountable and in essence, help you to stay focused and driven to achieve your goal.

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