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Go Back To School With Us

25th June 2019 in Seasonal

Hang on in there – you can do this. After eleven, long months, you’re ready for a break. We hear you. But just before you go, can we take a minute of your time? We don’t want to kill your buzz before you’ve even set foot out of the school gates, but there are only two months until you’ve got to start it all again. There, we said it. Terrifying, isn’t it? You might be incredibly organised and have everything sorted already. But if not, EverythingBranded are here to help.

What we do

We deal with a huge number of educational institutions across the UK, providing promotional products to nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and universities. EverythingBranded sells over 10,000 products, and we would love to be the go-to business for all your branded products. We care passionately about the environment and know how important it is to schools, so we’re sure our extensive range of Eco-Products will be of interest. But so will many, many other products in our catalogue, from branded stationery to mugs and glasses, from book bags, drawstring bags, laptop bags and rucksacks to t-shirts, jumpers and sportswear, as well as water bottles, lanyards, flash drives, towels, stickers, school signage and lots, lots more.

Why branding works

Why does branding and brand identity matter to schools? So many schools offer a great education these days, so your brand is the chance for you to differentiate your school from the crowd. It’s your most identifiable feature, and it helps cement relationships with parents - they tend to trust more established brands. Good branding sells your school. It helps with recruitment, as it differentiates your school from others, and it helps increase your school's exposure as parents and pupils are able to assign a particular image and colour scheme to your institution. And if you can get pupils, parents and the community to feel part of the journey of creating a strong brand identity, you’ll reap the rewards in the future.

Strengthen your brand perception with promotional products

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