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Exhibitions and Trade Shows Reopen

23rd July 2020 in News

Bringing some confidence back to businesses

EverythingBranded is very excited to hear about the recent announcement that Exhibitions are to reopen from October 1st. Amazing! Over the past few months, the strain of the pandemic has really affected thousands of businesses across the UK, leaving millions on furlough and thousands out of work. But with the recent government announcements, and the ease on lockdown restrictions, the UK is now at a stage where people are starting to see some more ‘normality’ in their everyday lives and people are entering what is considered the ‘new normal’. With pubs and restaurants reopening a few weeks ago, some confidence has already been restored in the UK.

Show-stopping News!

EverythingBranded is over the moon with this show-stopping news! (see what we did there?). This event will undoubtedly have a positive impact on businesses over the upcoming weeks, and months! This type of exciting news will restore confidence to business owners across the UK. Events that have already been cancelled will be rescheduled later this year (or possibly next year), so make sure you keep a lookout! Find out more about these upcoming events on the UK exhibition calendar. 

Looking to get involved?

If you are a business who is looking to get involved with an exhibition or a networking event, now is your chance! EverythingBranded has a range of inexpensive tradeshow giveaways for you to use as a terrific marketing tool to help get your name out there! From Antimicrobial Card Holders to Branded Bags to Antibacterial Pens, we have the right products for you. So c’mon, what are you waiting for? 

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