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De-stress with Desktop Gardens

14th March 2019 in Green

Humans have a desire to be connected with nature. Unfortunately, the space we tend to spend most of our day is our workplace, which is usually lacking in connection to the natural environment.

Office plants reduce stress. A number of studies confirm indoor plants can reduce stress levels in work environments. Numerous other studies have produced evidence that stress levels are reduced by the presence of plants and even improve productivity among office workers.

Stressed at work?

Brighten up your mood and desk with your very own branded desktop garden kit. Hand them out as promotional gifts to your clients and customers to plant your brand in their minds. Desktop gardens make it easier than ever to enjoy the psychological benefits of gardening…all without getting your hands dirty!

Desk plants are becoming increasingly popular not just because of their mood-boosting effects, but because of their maintenance nature of them. They don't need a lot of light, they are also forgiving of occasional over-watering as well.  Desktop gardens are also known for cleaning up the air, and help to remove toxins. More and more businesses are recognising that green offices and the use of tactfully placed office plants can boost workplace productivity, resulting in saving serious money by dramatically reducing illness and absences amongst their employees.

So with that said, if you are looking around at a bare-walled office with no visual stimulant- grab the next potted plant you see, it could make the world of difference to your mood! Escape from the never-ending stream of incessant noises and thoughts that bombard your daily life. Find your inner peace with desktop gardens!

EverythingBranded offers desk-friendly options for office plants that require little to no water, so you don’t have to worry about a spill around your electronics!

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