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Create an Ethical Brand with Eco Friendly Stationery

26th November 2018 in Green

Stationery will always play a huge role in the workplace and with environmentalism becoming increasingly important to consumers, showing your customers and clients you’re committed to a green policy is important as your business evolves with the changing times. Opting for Eco-friendly stationery is a great way to showcase this.

Did you know…

  • We throw away 6 billion disposable pens every year. That's a lot of metal and plastic waste ending up in landfills!
  • Plastic binders are not recyclable due to being meshed together with different components (plastic, metal, paper)
  • Old school wooden pencils with lead can’t be recycled due to issues with the wood and metal fusing together.

Create an impression

A conference is a perfect place to showcase your green side. It takes less than a second to form a first impression of someone or something and branding your stationery and equipment gives you the opportunity to control that impression. So, for your next conference or trade show consider what image you want to present in terms of your sustainability as a company, especially as recent statistics report a third of consumers to prefer sustainable brands.

Keith Weed, Unilever’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer said: “This research confirms that sustainability isn’t a nice-to-have for businesses. In fact, it has become an imperative. To succeed globally, and especially in emerging economies across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, brands should go beyond traditional focus areas like product performance and affordability. Instead, they must act quickly to prove their social and environmental credentials and show consumers they can be trusted with the future of the planet and communities, as well as their own bottom lines It goes without saying that engaging with a green agenda is now a priority for any business.

Advancements in stationery product development mean going paperless is no longer the only way to achieve a green office. By choosing Eco-friendly pens, and Eco-friendly notebooks you're creating an ethical identity, so your peers and clients know exactly where you stand environmentally. offers a wide range of eco desktop products made wholly or partly from recycled materials.

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