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Discover your own branded Bic pens today!

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Bic Pens - Branded with Your Logo

Here at EverythingBranded, we have a wide selection of Bic pens available to be branded with your logo. Bic pens are manufactured from the best quality materials in France which are all exclusive here at EverythingBranded, the home of promotional products.

Ranging from the Bic 4 colour pen to the Bic super clip pen, we have many different variations of Bic pens, available in multiple different vibrant colours, shapes, and sizes, ready for you to personalise today.

Promotional pens are nothing but perfect when it comes to maximizing your business engagement and offering personalisation on all our Bic products is a great way to set your brand apart from your competitors.

Not only is Bic a well-known pens brand but it is iconic in the world of promotional pens. We provide Bic pens that are available to order in bulk either branded with your logo or plain stock. 

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Bic Pens - Branded with Your Logo
Explore our Bic pens today!

The Iconic Bic 4 Colour Pen

Did You Know?

The Bic 4 colour pen has been the original Bic best-selling pen since the 1970's, making the 4 colour pen one of the first Bic pens on the market. Bic 4 colour pens have been providing writers with more than 50 years worth of colour and now you can brand them with your logo! 

The Bic 4 colour pen has become an icon that stands the test of time but adapts for a brighter future with various additions and recreations of the 4 colour pen which can all come in handy for the perfect promotional marketing tool. Branded with your business logo, the promotional Bic 4 colour pens will increase engagement and brand awareness.

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The Iconic Bic 4 Colour  Pen

Bic® Media Clic Ballpen

The Bic Media Clic ballpen has been amongst the more popular options for those looking for writing instruments. 

Why the Bic Media Clic Ballpen is perfect for marketing?

The media clic is great for marketing and the reason for this is because of the large imprint area available for you to have your business logo or text printed on. This factor will most certainly boost business engagement considering that promotional pens receive over 6,000 impressions during it's lifetime which is a lot of people. 

Here at EverythingBranded, we have many variations of the Bic® Media Clic pen available coming in with the Bic® Media Clic Grip, Bic® Media Clic Grip Ecolutions, and the Bic® Media Clic Shine. Each provides you with different features whether it be the look, the feel or the impact it may have on the environment, we have it all for you to browse through. Once you find the right pen, simply contact us for further information.

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Bic® Media Clic Ballpen

Bic Eco-Friendly Pens

The Bic pens range also includes and eco-friendly range. The first 100% bio-based material, replacing oil-based plastic. These pens are made from 100% natural ingredients, with raw materials made in france. Ranging from biobased rislan, wood flour and talc, these pens are great for the environment. 

Why eco-friendly pens would be great for promotion? 

Potential customers may see that your businesses ethics towards the environment is pretty possitive with the availability of promotional eco-friendly products & most importantly, eco-friendly BiC pens for you to promote your business. A great way to please your audience and potential customers through staying environmentally friendly alongside being able to promote your business name or logo being placed across the side of the pen whcih you have decided to select for your marketing campaigns.


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Bic Eco-Friendly Pens

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