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Promo products to help you fundraise

1. Aluminium Click Ballpen - Branded pens Customized and imprinted pens top the list of the most common branded charity item. Their lightweight and mobility features make them easy to pass on to volunteers and members of the community. Plus, they are also cost-effective and can be produced in every colour combination imaginable. Give your business some major exposure by designing these promotional items with your corporate colours and great-sized branding logo. Your company’s contact number and web address can also be imprinted on these writing instruments to welcome possible business collaborations and negotiations.


2. Small Pin Badges Printed badges are a traditional specialty item that people wear at charitable events. One major reason why organisers invest in beautifully designed badges is to distribute them to donators and ambassadors who can raise more awareness about their public-spirited activity. They are also items of high sentimental value, with a slim chance of disposal. Some even pass down these pin badges to later generations. So, if you’re planning to make these promotional charity items part of your promotional campaign, make sure you tap on a trustworthy promotional merchandise supplier to provide you with aesthetically pleasing badges.

3. Imprinted Silicone Wristbands If you want to raise money or awareness for a cause, consider imprinted silicone wristbands as the promotional products to give away. They’re a valuable fundraising tool because they cost less, and people love wearing them! Recipients even pair them up with their favourite accessories or outfits. This kind of wearable promotional item is a lot easier to sell or proliferate through a social group. They also last longer compared to other items, which means your customers are likely to be reminded of your brand for a longer period of time.

4. Custom Mugs Charity fundraising events requiring long hours will also need beverages and snacks to keep supporters active. Customised mugs become extremely useful at this point. Attendees can use the mug during the event then bring them home afterward. Mugs also work well as products to sell at fundraising activities. Mugs aren’t just for drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolates during a fundraising activity either. They’re also great personalised giveaways for any event. You can play around with the design you want and have it printed on the side of the mug. Since it’s a staple item in the kitchen, both the supporters of your cause as well as their friends and family will be able to use it. In turn, they get to remember your company name or business every time they use it.

5. Tote bags Functional items will always remain the most popular giveaway products. This includes bags of all kinds. Customised tote or sling bags make any charity event memorable even beyond that day. Like customised t-shirts, powerful statements or images can be printed on these bags to raise awareness for the cause as well as establish branding for your business. Since more young people volunteer during charity events, offering tote or sling bags as promotional giveaways is a great move. They can use them for school, for traveling, or even for every day casual wear.

6. Tutti Frutti - water bottles are great for promoting your brand and gifting to your employees or clients. And since water bottles are reusable, they cut down on the waste that comes from throwing away disposable plastic water bottles. However, there are a lot of things to consider before making your purchase, including the shape, colour, style, and ounce capacity of your water bottle. It is also important to consider what audience you are targeting and their lifestyle. Paying attention to those little details can make a huge difference!


7. HEVESY. PORTABLE BATTERY At every function, apart from people, the second most visible item will be mobile phones. Especially now that we are in the 21st century. Portable batteries are a vital piece of equipment for anyone who is constantly on the go and especially those who are within business and take many calls. A great way of marketing your item as well as being a convenient item for your potential customers, the Portable battery will always charge you ahead of your competitors.

8. CARTOPAD Memo note w/ mini recycled pen. Again, relatable to the branded pens, the Memo note recycled pen is a cost-effective item which markets your brand in a unique way as well as easy on the eye. The compact product is easily printable as well as recyclable and is only 11cm x 8.5cm x 0.9cm big so can fit conveniently in a client’s bag.

9. SELIGHT SCENTED CANDLE IN GLASS This delicate scented candle can be used for marketing yourselves whilst giving off the best aroma. The scented candle can also come in five different colours as well as a one colour logo and starts at under €2 per unit.

10. PAULING. CAR CHARGER A simple yet effective item for guests and clients are the Pauling Car Charger which is a small portable item that fits inside a car adapting slot allowing customer to attach a USB lead to their selected mobile or tablet and charge away. This item is small but convenient and an item nobody turns away from when given out at fundraiser as it is always convenient.

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