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Look after your customers & employees wellbeing with promotional products

Look after your customers & employees wellbeing with promotional products.


We all know someone who has gone through a challenging period but now is the time to speak out more than ever.

According to the Centre for mental health, state that as many as 500,000 additional people in the UK are expecting mental health problems. Now more than ever is when we should take care of our own. Staff, friends, family, and customers wellbeing is vital as we are all in this together. 

The act of giving and generosity/kindness is a great way to ease anyone’s worries or queries and by being the number One in promotional goods, we know what to give and what will put that smile back on their face.



With the current situation and with what is happening around the world at the minute, we are facing anxiety in day-to-day life. Often enough, we take that out on our fingers. Finger symptoms may include pain, numbness/tingling, and spasms.
Many finger-related symptoms point to adrenaline or hyperventilation as the likely cause.
Anxiety can make someone more sensitive to “normal” finger sensations. There are no finger-specific treatments, but there are ways to reduce hyperventilation and discomfort.
Ensure your staff are taking care of their fingers with our 6-piece stainless steel manicure set which includes nail file, tweezers and more, with the opportunity to custom print your company’s logo.


With the amount of hand sanitizing we have all been doing and keeping to guidelines, our skin will have naturally absorbed the alcohol from the sanitizer and therefore dry out our skin cells within our hands. This is on top of daily life which furthermore dries out our skin. With the Bodyklean body lotion we have now the right amount of lotion for our employees or clients and the right smelling scent to accompany the daily moisturize. The classified cosmetic item Is perfect for desk use and can be imprinted upon.



Warm up your mitts with our Lovely heat pouch, especially in the cold times. This unique item warms itself up when pressured and can be used within gloves and pockets for them cold times or for that added comfort. This popular item can also include a custom logo or message.



Workload mounting higher and higher? Solicitors being awkward about your mortgage because of a middle name? Hormonal partner during pregnancy? One hour before your driving test?
Well look no further than an anti-stress ball which reduces tension and can help anger management. Stress is something which we all experience and if something fits in the palm of your hands, it is then ideal for you to let out that anger.

*Fun fact- A lot of nerves located in and around our wrists and hands are connected directly to the brain. When you exercise pressure on a stress ball, the nerves and the muscles stimulate and contract, making them stronger. This, in turn, improves nervous system functioning and reduces essential hormones, which control and curb stress levels.



Light or no humidity within the air can cause chapped lips as well as too much sun exposure. A common issue which occurs for most people, chapped lips can be spotted by dryness of the lips, flaking, sores, swelling and even bleeding.

A small chap stick in your pocket or bag can go a long way. Designed with a custom logo, you can stand out from your competitors whilst still maintaining a healthy look and keep them lips looking ripe and succulent.

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