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Community Spotlight: Team Wolf Boxing, Loughborough.

17th May 2023 in Everything Community News

There’s an interesting link between physical fitness and mental wellness, with a study of more than 150,000 people finding that low physical fitness levels can increase your risk of depression.

Looking on the more positive side of things, studies have also found that regular exercise can reduce stress, improve symptoms of anxiety, enhance the quality of your sleep and boost your sense of self esteem.

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a local business that’s been helping people use the power of physical exercise to improve their mental health


Introducing Team Wolf Boxing

Based in Loughborough, Team Wolf Boxing is managed by Jack Woolaston - a personal trainer and boxing coach who has actually trained the Everything Global CEO, Paul.

If you’re looking for an excellent personal trainer, who has 5-star reviews galore on Facebook, Paul would highly recommend getting in touch with Jack!

But although Jack excels in the personal training space, his passion is helping the community - and that’s where Team Wolf Boxing is a little bit different.

Jack and his team believe in the powerful connection between physical activity and mental health. They make it a point to remind everyone that when you're exercising, you're not just strengthening your muscles, you're also boosting your mood, reducing stress, and building your self-confidence.

The team at Team Wolf Boxing works hard to create an environment that is welcoming and supportive, with an emphasis on community and camaraderie. When you walk into a session, you're not just a client, you're a part of the Team Wolf family. When you put on a Team Wolf t-shirt you'll be part of a group that cheers each other on, supports each other, and celebrates each other's victories.

Team Wolf Boxing is open to all, with female only sessions and also dedicated sessions for children and young adults.The training programmes that Jack has put together are thoughtfully designed and tailored to instill discipline and resilience in younger members - which are really important aspects for their ongoing mental health.