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Make summer 2021 great with the hottest promotional products

Make summer 2021 great with the hottest promotional products. At last, we are here. Tanned skin, sizzling sun, pumping music and everyone’s sparkling teeth on show due to the good feel vibes. With the sun rising at 5am and setting at 10pm, our days become longer, and memories become everlasting. Just ask our customers in Australia.

Here at EverythingBranded, we know how to maximise the summertime and squeeze every minute into making memories and happier times. Especially with the year we’ve had (cue Boris Johnson’s lockdown speech).

As a company which possesses over 10 years of experience within promotional products and an insight into the world-wide promotional products industry, we have a global supply chain network and work with some of the biggest and best companies in the world. That company could be yours.

Here are the top 10 promotional products.


Picture this. Your outfit is exactly how you wanted it to be, and your hair is looking perfect. But there is always something missing. Not a belt, not a fanny-pack. It’s the shades. We take their ubiquity for granted today, but sunglasses are a relatively modern everyday accessory and with beer gardens open for the European Championships, festivals and let’s not forget about our daily walks, sunglasses are a necessity for the summer.


With the chance to brand your sunglasses, these will be the perfect product for your customers and a dazzling way to market your brand and make your clients add that extra fashion accessory for the summer.



Give you and your customers the Ibiza feel with the Solaris sun hat. Ideal for festival goers or fashion icons who can rock a sun hat otherwise known as a ‘bucket hat’. With a full colour option available and the variety of eight different colours, market your company in a fantastic way as well as style out your customers with a trendy product.



It’s always something you need, but always something you never want to carry. Sunscreen lotion provides protection against the sun. Using sunscreen on your face helps to keep your complexion even. Sun damage is one of the many causes of uneven skin tones and daily sun cream helps to prevent those effects.

With the small amount of 30ml, it is the perfect amount for the daily protection and due to its white background, this is the perfect product to print your brand/ logo upon and is accompanied with the carabiner clip matching the base colour. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 25 blocks 96% of UVB rays.


Nobody goes to the pub in the summer heat, with the demand of sitting indoors and with the Dering sunshade you can market your brand whilst keeping the heat off. Up and down the country guests will be wanting to sip their cold beers outside and with this umbrella you can still provide your guests with that sun protection and allow them to enjoy the weather also.

With the option of five colours as well as a one colour print, this is an inventive way of getting your brand exposed as well as protecting your guests this summer.



Bottle with twist-on lid with flip-top drinking spout. Includes twist-on fruit infuser to add flavour to your favourite drink. Base twists off for access to infuser and easy cleaning. Volume capacity is 740ml.

Enlighten your customers with the infuser sports bottle. Allowing summer fruits or additives to be infused within any liquid, perfect for turning your daily water into a tropical summer mocktail with just one bottle. 

The twist-on fruit infuser also comes out very easily for cleaning and can also be removed.
The clear bottle can be printed on with a full-colour imprint and with no background, can be the summerlike idea yet for getting your brand noticed. Drink up!


With scorching temperatures precited, Light up the grill and get cooking with the Grill Barbecue Set.
With a three-piece wood and stainless-steel barbecue kit, it allows your customers to sizzle up something spicy this summer but also with an opportunity to brand your company with a full colour logo as well as an extremely low price!


An elite idea of a gift would be the Funfaye Coaster which posses a non-slip sponge base as well as a bottle opener. Perfect for beer drinkers within your establishment and starting from $0.26 per unit, this would be one of the best investments to make as well as an intelligent and unique product to brandish your company’s logo.


An item what may have slipped under the radar in terms of cooperatively, but many offices are now back in full operation and ahead of the summer, indulge in competitive competitions such as work 5-aside football. What better way of exposing your brand to the public than allowing the companies name to be on the front. We saw it with Vodafone and Manchester United, 02 with Arsenal and Fly Emirates and Real Madrid. These polyester vests also come in a range of colours as well as being available in a one colour logo.



Those cool summer evenings allow us to take our partners and dogs for a beautiful walk and thus lead to a snack on the grass. Picnic may not be the necessary word but something to store a few snacks and isn’t too heavy is ideal. Specially when a dog is around.

The Turtle Cooler bag is the ideal bag for your small food nibbles as well as being lightweight and has the capacity of up to 4.5L. Available in three colours and a full colour logo. This would be the perfect item for your promotional needs as well as keeping your clients’ snacks cool this summer.



Inflatable beach balls bring joy and fun to the environment when at the beach or even in the back garden and can market your brand emphatically with a custom print across six colour options as well as a custom colour imprint. 



Beach slippers are the number one product for everyone this summer. The popular item is otherwise known as flip-flops are made from sturdy rubber and do not cause your feet to itch of chafe and fit well with any relaxed fit. The versatile footwear are very easy on the go and are your cheapest item this summer.

With a one colour logo option for on the strap of the slipper, again, this would be the ideal summer item for you and your client.

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