Why Prodir Pens?

Useful and durable, Prodir pens become the best eco-friendly promotional item for companies to promote their business. Made in Switzerland, these premium pens combined quality, innovation and functionality together to shape sustainability.

As a supplier of promotional merchandise, our written trust and values have been built through our amazing promotional products, and this is no different from our pen collection. Our range of printed Prodir pens promises to be the key success to your brand thrive, giving all your customers a loyal signature with your brand for many, many years. If you are eco-friendly, this innovative writing concept will differentiate your business or marketing by this choice.

Branded Prodir Pens

Get to know branded pens by Prodir for your sustainable ideas


Build trust and transform your brand image with modern eco-friendly merchandise that will last. In this advancing world, the products produced, sold and bought should go with nature, not oppose it. Using Prodir pens contributes toward that change and can help create a shift in the future of promotional products. 

With branded Prodir pens you can choose from a range of materials including true biotic, shell, stone, air, biotic, recycled and metal. In addition, there is a selection of DS models, QS models and cloud haptic pens, any of Prodir’s pens can be transformed into a cloud pen with the addition of a QR code. (Aside from the pens with metal clips)

Keep up to date and take the opportunity to be part of a more ecological approach to products by printing your logo or custom message on Prodir pens for original branded merchandise.


Get great quality and cost-effective pens that assist in keeping the planet clean and reducing plastic waste. Prodir's refillable ballpoint pens are made without any plastic, using innovative materials that are built to last. This way, your custom message will stay visible for a long time. Prodir produces sleek pens making them a perfect choice for an environmentally friendly promotional pen.

All Prodir’s pens are exceptionally sustainable however they supply pens in a range of materials including metal as well as options to filter to products labelled as ‘highly sustainable’.

Elevate your Marketing Campaign with Prodir’s Cloud Pens

EverythingBranded's Prodir pens offer the digital dimension of haptic advertising to customers and free access to the Cloud Pen web app.

How does it work?

It's really simple. A QR code on the pen takes users to a personalised page, campaign or advertising with endless possibilities. As a great promotional gift, the Prodir personalised pens will inspire your customers by engaging your promotional marketing and creating an even bigger and better connection. 

Need to get your branding on QR code out there? Request a quote now. 

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