Unique promotional products

18th January 2015 in Unique promotional products

Unique promotional products

Welcome one and all, to our 1st post about for this weeks most unique promotional products. Each week we will be showcasing the most unique promotional items available on the open market from home and abroad , We will also include all the information including the print area lead times but most importantly how you can get your hands on the little beauty.

So without further ado let me please these unique promotional products           Fanfare !!

The Waterproof floating humidifier in ABS plastic with a white USB plug. This tech based promotional product is designed to float in a cup of water on your desk while drawing energy from your laptop of desktop using a generic usb port. The small Humidifier is ideal for a traveling sales rep that is working in hot dry climates. How the humidifier works is by adding moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Our promotional Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dry skin, nose, throat, and lips. One other benefit that less people know is that it can ward of common colds and flu symptoms which we are all very seseptive to in the uk with our fantastic climate.

Print options – These great corporate gifts can be printed upto 4 spot colours giving you a great scope to stand out from the crowd.

Lead times – 10 days from artwork approval

Anything else – needs water to work by floating.


Below you can see one of these unique promotional products working with the air being expelled from the ABS plastic circle. This will give your end user a great fresh feeling and also help with tiredness and dry skin.

shown floating in water and working

shown floating in water and working


As you can see below these unique promotional products comes in a plastic box with instructions and a nice large print area.

We do hope you enjoyed our first product of the week and we will be scouring the globe for next weeks edition , please visit us again for the worlds most unique promotional products.