Promotional Clocks – Just In Time for Daylight Saving Change!

16th October 2018 in Unique promotional products

Promotional Clocks – Just In Time for Daylight Saving Change!

If you have been worrying about when the clocks are due to go back then you are not alone. With the change over date alternating each year it can be hard to keep track, so you can be forgiven for not remembering exactly what date the clocks will be changing.

When do the clocks go back?

The clocks will be set back one hour at 2am on Sunday, 28 October, meaning you will get one extra hour in bed (can I get a nation wide hurrah?) and suddenly 28 October can’t come fast enough. Daylight Saving Time will then be at an end, which means it is brighter for one hour in the morning and sunset will come one hour earlier in the evening.

Why does the clock-changing happen?

Clocks change by one hour twice a year in spring and autumn, a way to remember is using the American English mnemonic ‘spring forward, fall back.’ The practice of changing the clocks coming into the winter months came about in order to give us more light in the mornings. In WWI the government brought in British Summer Time to improve the economy by giving farmers an extra hour of sunlight to work in.

Stay on time with‘s promotional clocks!




Promotional Flexi Alarm Clocks

These flexible promotional clocks are an extremely versatile product as they can also function as a memo holder, pen holder and a phone holder.

The flexible plastic material makes it possible to change the shape of the item to suit you or your customers’ needs. Your print will be on the body of the flexi-man which gives your company prime advertising position on these fun items.






Printable mood light clock

These unique and stylish promotional clocks have seven colour changing mood lights and six different natural sounds in transparent casing. This promotional mood light clock has features such as snooze mode, countdown timer, calendar and displays temperature in ºC and ºF. Operates on AAA batteries (not included inside packaging)

Have your company logo, brand or message pad printed on this colour changing promotional clock, with the available print area of 30x20mm you can display your business visuals.





Brite-Clock® Wall Clock

Transform an office essentail into an effective promotional item with the Brite-Clock.
Every time your customers check the time, they’ll see your brand! Available with white or black hands.
Manufactured using the patented Brite process for durability and stunning colour reproduction.Quiet sweeping mechanism.








Promotional nurse watch


A stylish and unique promotional analogue nurse watch, perfect for nurses to jazz up their uniforms. This promotional nurse watch is available in white and royal blue and it requires one cell battery.

The perfect promotional nurse watch, with a good print area of 36x8mm, have your company logo or message pad printed at the top of this brandable watch. This luxury watch has unique time symbols making it eye catching.






Waterball desk clock

Unique desk clock that operates when the compartment is filled with any liquid. This promotional desk clock requires no battery which is beneficial and eco-friendly. Two buttons are located on the side that allows you to easily adjust the time and date. There is a scale on the reverse side that indicates when the compartment is filled with enough liquid. This promotional desk clock is available in blue or grey.

You can get your brand’s logo printed on this promotional water ball desk clock.





Pop-up alarm clock with pouch

Pop-up alarm clock with pouch. Pop-up analogue alarm clock in aluminium case. Includes velvet pouch and battery. Metal.








If you’re looking for more promotional clocks then check out our current stock.