Trade Show Giveways: Top Tips For 2016

11th November 2015 in Trade Shows

Trade Show Giveways: Top Tips For 2016

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We’re rapidly heading towards a New Year and the need to come up with new and exciting Promotional Products to increase brand awareness through promotional campaigns in 2016. In an ever increasingly ‘noisy’ business world, recognise the need to provide the best possible advice and widest range of promotional products. In this, the first of a serious, detail some of the exciting products and trends for Trade Show Giveaways helping you maximise your budgets for the forthcoming year.

Trade Show Giveaway Revolution!

Hand-outs at trade shows have changed significantly over the last few years with businesses making use of technology to both save money and hand out more impactful giveaways. We’ve all spent hours walking the floors of exhibitions. The day starts by picking up a free hand-out bag that’s nice and light only to find several hours later your knuckles are dragging on the floor under the weight of rather costly sales literature. Technology has enabled us to put our sales leaflets, brochures and tech sheets onto handy USB cards or novelty memory sticks that can not only fit in our pockets but are extremely useful post event.

Even pens haven’t missed the revolution!

Everyone still needs a pen but those in the know give away a pen with a difference. Perhaps, a pen with a dabber at its tip or a pen that also has highlighters or even a pen with a built-in laser, handy when giving presentations. It seems that from the dawn of promotional products, pens have been the best-selling promotional item, and they continue to be with these great add-ons.

Put power into people’s hands! predict another great year for power bank promotional products. This year this promotional product outsold all others by a clear margin. So many of us rely heavily on our ability to check-in via our various gadgets throughout the day. Watching the business person look for a power point on a train, in a coffee shop or at a trade show has almost become a sport. But even the humble power bank is not without a makeover. They don’t just power up our gadgets, but some also have built-in torches, memory cards, and speakers, which are ideal for quick mobile phone based conference calls.

Show You Mean Business! don’t just provide Trade Show Giveaways; your dedicated account manager can work with our design team to deliver a quality Trade Show stand display. Something we delivered for Award Winning London-based Jones Facilities Management. From the shell scheme banners to the mints on the table, provided the one-stop solution for their Exhibition stand. Presenting your brand in the best possible way at Trade Shows is something often overlooked. How many times have you wandered past a poor looking stand not stopping to engage as the stand itself is unengaging?

‘If you’re gonna do it do it right!’

The likelihood is that you’ve spent a significant amount of your precious budget being at the Trade Show in the first place so why not make sure you make the most of it. Having the appropriately presented stand and the best choice of giveaways gives you the optimum chance to achieve the best return-on-investment. supply millions of products a year for Trade Shows Giveaways and advise on stand branding each and every day so make contact to start your journey in making 2016 the best year ever!

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Jones FM Display Stand

Jones Facilities Management Display Stand at the Facilities Management Show