Promotional bags – creating the perfect goodie bags

25th January 2017 in Branding Advice | Trade Shows

Promotional bags – creating the perfect goodie bags

Creating the perfect promotional bag giveaway

It may not be the most glamorous idea but if you’re still at a trade show or an exhibition just before it closes, just have a quick glance in the bins near the exit. We’re not asking you to go dumpster-diving, just a quick glance will do.

What you’ll see is all the discarded promotional material and branded products the event goers picked up throughout the day. Through the day delegates will mindlessly pick up promotional materials, so when they come to decide what products are going to be useful or not they won’t have much emotional attachment to them. What you need are products that will make it past the exit sign.

So, what kind of products should go in your promotional goodie bags?

The first choice are promotional bags to keep the products in. Easy to hand over and easy for the delegates to carry around with them for the rest of the day. Pick promotional bags that aren’t too big for carrying around for the day, but not too small they haven’t got real-life function. Check out our range of branded cotton shoppers for inspiration.

Promotional pens

Promotional pens can go either way. They can be a cheap throwaway branded product, which when bought in bulk can be hit or miss when it comes to return on investment. Branded pens can also be the perfect product. They can be used daily by customers and clients. They can be lent, borrowed and accidentally stolen, increasing the number of impressions that one pen makes.

The more the pen costs the more likely it is to stay in the bags of the attendees, but as the budget pens are so well priced, we don’t think it’s much of a risk to try promoting using pens.

Digital products

The more expensive the product looks, the less likely the event goer will throw it away. Digital products still have an air of expense about them, promotional USB FlashDrives, branded power banks and printed Bluetooth speakers are all products that can look more expensive than they are.

Digital products always have that real-life application. Power banks can help refuel potential customers’ phones and Bluetooth speakers will get your brand heard as well as seen.

The wildcard

We sell products to every industry there is. The majority of products we offer cover the different industries; charities and construction companies can both make use of promotional bags, mugs and pens. But we’d encourage at least one product with a personal touch. A product you know will go down well with the customer and client base you’re looking to market yourself to. You will know your customers better than we do, so let us know what you think and our sales team will be happy to help.

Avoid paper

Our penultimate point we can make is try to avoid paper ‘printed collateral’. The business world is becoming increasingly paperless, so when a potential customer looks in his bag at the end of the day, the low quality printed material is going to be the first items that end up in the bin.

The final piece of advice we can offer is: never date your promotional products. As soon as the doors close on that event and you’ve got stock left over, it’s all outdated. Make your products fight to live on another day by not printing the date or event specific details.

If you’ve seen some ideas in this post, let our sales team know on 0116 3660052 and they’ll pick up your enquiry. To have a look at the products we offer, head to our homepage.