Find The Perfect Promotional Product For Your Business

17th September 2018 in Top Tips | Trade Shows

Find The Perfect Promotional Product For Your Business

Don’t be the stall that disregards the marketing benefits of promotional products. Whatever the field of business you’re in, there’s a perfect promotional product out there for you. A clever, well thought-out promotional product will make you stand out from you competitors, which is essential for a successful Trade Show. When clients use your promo products, they give other people (prospective clients) a look at your company’s logo and name.

Keep it in theme

If your business deals with office stationary don’t hand out Chinese phone adaptors to passers-by on your stall. Your product needs to make sense and reflect your business. If the Trade Show you are attending has a theme for a specific event such as Christmas etc, then you have a bit more creative freedom. For example: Small, festive desk decorations would fall into your office theme, it makes sense as well as playing on the festive feel of the Trade Show. If you were to instead handout thermal socks (regardless of weather conditions) people would be confused at the lack of relevance they have in regards to your stationary business. It could make your company look chaotic and unorganised and put potential clients off.

Draw inspiration from these promotional products, and for what type of Trade Show they’d be most effective for. 

Business Trade Shows

For business trade shows keep it simple and professional. Opt for a promotional product that an everyday business man or woman would use. By investing in a product they have a need for, it is easy for them to use it in their own life and be seen by like minded people. View our range of business promotional products. 

Automotive Trade Shows












Auto and automotive Trade Shows boast some of the largest exhibits, as well as hosting some of the biggest names. Standing out and looking professional is paramount for successful networking at these shows, so treat your clients to some well thought out branded, promotional products. View our range of car promotional products.

Design Trade Show

Design Trade Shows are where you want to really stick out for your creative thinking. Why not opt for bespoke designed promotional products to really get your companies’ unique style across. View our range of bespoke promotional products. have over 10,000 different promotional products that can be personalised to your business and printed for your next campaign or marketing activity.