BBC Good Food Show

18th September 2018 in Branding Advice | Just for fun | Trade Shows

BBC Good Food Show

The much-anticipated BBC Good Food Show is just around the corner (29 Nov-02 Dec 2018).

For those who don’t know, the BBC Good Food Show is the UK’s most successful food and beverage event, being held this year in Birmingham. This annual event involves live shows and entertainment from some of the UK’s best chefs, shopping, networking opportunities and of course, free samples! The event hosts the top food industry brands and is the ultimate experience for any aspiring chef or food enthusiast! This event boasts the unique and original, as we as showcasing great brands, exciting new flavours, the latest trends and carefully selected independent producers of the finest food, drink and culinary products.

Promotional products at Trade Shows are a cost-effective marketing tactics. Right from new businesses to big enterprises, these giveaways are consumer favourites. Do you have an upcoming trade show event listed in your company calendar? Well, you better plan ahead and start preparing.

BBC Good Food Show Inspired Promotional Products




BBC Good Food Show

Cheese knife set “Gourmet”

Promotional products don’t just mean free hand outs. Why not invest in something more luxurious or bespoke for loyal customers, gifting them as a pack gift or a members gift.  Not only will this will increase your brand awareness and product recognition, but it will build a more personal relationship between you and the customer.











A3 Advent calendar

Your product needs to make sense and reflect your business, but also keep up to date with trends and seasonal events. If you specialise in confectionery, and Christmas is upcoming, chocolate advent calendars are a clever form of self promotion. People will be queuing for these!









Dish Cloth

Promotional products such as dish towels are a simple yet effective way to promote your business, especially when you are in the food industry. It’s great when the costumers see your logo when they cook. With increased brand recognition they will be more likely to change their buying behaviour and will be more likely to buy your products.



BBC Good Food Show




Earthenware Mug

Printed mugs are one of the most common items purchased by those who wish to promote their business. There are many reasons for the enduring popularity of mugs, not least of which is their affordability. Go that little bit extra and consider a mug with a spoon, especially if  you’re in the soup business!







Spaghetti Measure

Get clever with your promotional products. If you’re a pasta company, why not opt for a spaghetti measure and brand it with your business details, doubling it up as a business card? Well though out promotional products like this stick in peoples minds.








Mint Card

A thoughtful promotional product is a great one. If your business deals with strong foods and flavours then handing out mint cards is a bit of tongue in cheek fun, one that will most definitely get you a couple of laughs and make you stick in the minds of potential clients.











Your brand will cook up a storm at your next marketing campaign when you give customers printed aprons. Working in the food industry offers huge opportunities to effectively market your business, so if you’re part of a restaurant, food stall, pub, bar, bakery, or any cookery company, you should consider investing in personalised aprons to show off your logo.







Wooden Utensil 

When searching for the right promotional product for your company, the most important part is the branding space and how this will interaction with your clientele. Cooking utensils are great advertising products, as they offer a perfect branding space on the handle to print your logo or your artwork on. Furthermore when using them to cook, the clientele’s interaction with the item and also the branding, is great to improve brand recognition and awareness.







Lunch Box 

Giving out samples at this year’s BBC Good Food Show? A promotional product that ties into that is a match made in heaven! Invest in branded containers with lids that are  completely detachable and can also be used as a small plate. Perfect for hungry show goers as well as a product they will make sure to take home with them.


 have over 10,000 different promotional products that can be personalised to your business and printed for your next campaign or marketing activity.