Top Tips for must do Halloween trends

30th October 2018 in Just for fun | Top Tips

Top Tips for must do Halloween trends

Top Tips for must do Halloween trends

Trends happen all the time on social media and it’s important to keep in the loop. You’ve got to keep up to date with what’s happening this season.  This blog gives you the top tips to achieve all the wacky Halloween trends of 2018 that you need to follow. These are all must do trends for your Halloween event on Wednesday!

Must do Halloween trends

Hair and Beauty

The fashion industry is huge, and Halloween is all about the costumes and make up! There have been a few trends recently that will make you stand out from the crowd!


Nail Art – It’s all about nails! Nail art has been a massive trend this year and for Halloween it’s all about who’s got the most frightful fingers! If you have bitten your nails down worrying about what to wear for Halloween, there’s no need to worry as you can buy fake nails. If you are good at painting, you could buy a plain pair and add some wacky Halloween inspired theme yourself. Or, you could invest some with a design already on! Nobody will know the difference.

Face Paint & Make Up – Getting your face on. Make up is currently a huge industry that has had many trends. Halloween 2018 is all about glitter and special effects! Face glitter and paints have been very popular at festivals and events. This is something that can be incorporated with any Halloween outfit. The talent of makeup now is amazing. If you feel that you have a good talent in makeup special is something that you could dig your teeth in to! If you think you can pull off a fake slit neck, that’ll look extra scary with your outfit.


Everybody’s wants to be entertained at a Halloween party/event. Therefore, by following the latest trends you will pull the best Halloween party of 2018.

social media

Music– New music is being released all the time and it’s important that your playlist consists of the latest music on in the charts. If you are hosting your own Halloween party make sure to check the charts before. A Halloween party does need to consist of some scary music as well, adding a few classics such as Thriller by Michael Jackson and Disturbia by Rihanna always goes down a treat!

Internet – The internet is everything. We are so dependent on social media that there are trends happening all the time. This year for Halloween it’s important that you are up to date the latest and post on all platforms. Make sure to get the word out there of what your doing and se graphics and pictures of your event. If you have a website, make to post a blog about your night!


Halloween is all about the scary decor and if you are hosting an event/party this is a must do. Weather you want to scare up the office, spice up your party or haunt your house, decorations are key.


Office – If you want to scare your work colleges you need to invest in some Halloween decorations. This is a fun way to add some fun the workplace and get in to the Halloween spirt. If you are good at DIY you could check out our office decorations blog.

Party/Event – This is a must do for your Halloween event. Halloween is all about the decorations and 2018 trends are all about the who has the scariest party! You can trick all your friends some cobwebs, smoke machine and other Halloween decor.

Home – If you are wanting to trick any ‘trick or treaters’ that come to your house on Halloween, you are going to need some Halloween Decorations. In order to have a scary house this Halloween you need to invest in the best decor. You can then post it on your social media!

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