Three Reasons Your School Needs Branded Products

3rd September 2019 in Advice | News | Top Tips

Three Reasons Your School Needs Branded Products

Because your place of learning is a brand, so you need to promote it…

If you’re a teacher, it only seems like the summer holidays started five minutes ago. For parents… it’s a bit different, to say the least. But whichever way you look at it, the academic year is back. If you’re a teacher, you might be super organised and have ordered all your educational establishment’s branded material. But if you haven’t, or if you’re unconvinced of the benefits of branded products, read on. Below, EverythingBranded outline the reason branding, and branded promotional products, should be a key part of your place of learning, and highlight some of our huge range of products. Whether it’s book bags or laptop bags, eco-friendly products or top tech, water bottles or lanyards – we’ve got the lot. So read on, and see how EverythingBranded can help your educational establishment.


  1. Relationship Building

Whether you’re a primary school, secondary school, academy, college or university, building a relationship with the students and parents is key. Evidence supports the theory that increased parent participation correlates with improved academic success amongst students, and a more positive outlook about school and homework. Studies also show that a pro-active parent gives the teachers more time to concentrate their efforts on teaching!

Carefully thought-out promotional merchandise can help to build and strengthen this parent-teacher-student relationship by helping to make students feel rewarded and parents to feel included. It is important to provide promotional products that can meet the students and parents’ needs and home environment.

For example, free promotional USB sticks will make students’ life easier by enabling them to complete their homework at home, and then bring it into school to print. Or providing branded lunch boxes encourages parents and students to make and bring in healthy, homemade lunches, helping to also save the pennies!


  1. Fundraising

Fundraising in schools is essential these days to give that little bit of financial support back into the school. If you’re thinking of holding an event, think carefully when picking a campaign and what you want to achieve.

Picking a theme for an event can be a crowd pleaser for the parents and the children, so selling and promoting the school using branded merchandise with your school logo can raise funds and benefit everyone. Whether you have a large or small budget to work with, there will always be a giveaway of some kind within this budget.

Fundraising activities will not only bring in funds for your school, but any charitable donations will also help to show commitment to your local community.


  1. Promotion

Another great way to utilise branded merchandise is simply for promotion. There are many different ways to use products to raise awareness of your school, for example, for direct mail campaigns for prospective students or as giveaways at exhibitions.

And if you’re now thinking branded products could benefit your school, why not check out some of EverytingBranded’s most popular school items?


Branded Book Bags

These are great to protect any books from damage and get them safely home from school. Book bags have a large branding area, so this means great exposure for your school logo. From printed drawstring PE bags, to pencil cases, we can offer a range of other bags to suit your school requirements.

Lunch Boxes

Re-usable lunch boxes are a great way for your school to become more environmentally friendly. We have a number of different styles and shapes, and they come in a number of different colours to suit your school’s branding. There’s also a large printing space to put your school’s name and crest.

Printed Pens

Who likes chewing the end of the pen? Always a favourite of students… some of us still do it now! Pens come in all shapes and sizes, colours and we have our personal favourites that we can recommend to you. With so many options for branding pens this gives you a great opportunity to really personalise your writing equipment.

Branded USBs

We all love a USB and living in a time of technology we all should own one of these handy gadgets. They appeal to children and adults alike, as the children know more than we do when it comes to new technology! Promotional USB sticks are also a great way to distribute relevant information. They are flat and lightweight to send, making them the perfect product for direct mail campaigns for prospective students.

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are perfect for your school or educational establishment. Not only are they lightweight and durable, but they’re really useful – perfect for PE kit or for Freshers’ Week. And with a large space for printing, and the fact the product will be used again and again and is very visible to others, and a drawstring bag could be perfect to promote your educational establishment.

Water Bottles

Hydration is key for any student, and research tells us that a student that’s hydrated will be able to concentrate and focus on tasks longer than one that isn’t. So water bottles are the perfect product to have in your place of learning. They also do their bit for the environment, reducing single-use plastic by getting students to refill their water bottle.

So if your school or educational establishment is looking for any merchandise, EverythingBranded can help! Check out more of our school products here, or leave us an enquiry and we’ll get one of our experienced sales team to call you back.