How to Utilise Promotional Lanyards in your Business

15th September 2018 in Top Tips | Trade Shows

How to Utilise Promotional Lanyards in your Business

Branded promotional lanyards are proving to be the best method of identification for all types of events.

One of the most popular promotional tools, they can be used effectively for a number of events such as trade shows, charity fun runs, conferences and around organisations such as universities and businesses.

Benefits of Lanyards

Employee Interaction: A great product for a large business where you may not know everyone’s name and will create a more friendlier working environment.

Professional: Wearing these promotional lanyards will give your brand a professional look and will help people to identify your customers. Lanyards won’t damage your clothes and can be easily taken off without worry.

Cost-effective: Printed lanyards are suitable for businesses of all sizes and can be cheaper to buy in bulks. Most lanyards are made from polyester or nylon, these fabrics have been proven to be durable and will last you for a long time. A more economical advertising tool compared to other advertising mediums like online ads.

Events: Everyone loves giveaways, so these lanyards will be snatched up at your next marketing event. An affordable product to leave customers with something to remember you by.

Safety: They help secure any loose items like USBs, keys or phones. With numerous people entering your office everyday it will help to increase security and stop anyone unauthorised entering your office. ID cards can easily clip onto a lanyard and will stop employees from loosing them.

Brand Identity: Promotional lanyards will help reinforce your brand message around the company. Highly visible marketing tool that will get your brand seen wherever you are, especially when commuting to work.

At EverythingBranded we have a huge range of promotional lanyards to suit your brand. We brand various styles of promotional exhibition lanyards, such as retractable pass holders and lanyard pouches, which will be suitable for all events requiring some form of ID pass.

EverythingBranded provide unlimited free visuals from our in-house design team to ensure your logo or brand message is printed to your specific requirements.

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