Promotional Recycled and Reclaimed Products

21st April 2016 in Promotions | Unique promotional products

Promotional Recycled and Reclaimed Products

Ever thought about promotional recycled products? We’ve got a great range to check out.

At we like to be as environmentally friendly as we can, so we’re pleased to be able to offer a wide range of promotional recycled and eco-friendly products.

Our recycled products were tyres, cardboard and even dollar bills in their former lives. They now take the shape of bags, bottles, pens, pencils and so much more.

The eco-friendly products we have available can make fantastic promotional giveaways, they can help kick off any cleaner and greener campaigns and they can help make your office a more environmentally friendly place to work.

One of the biggest selling eco products we have is our incredible range of Jute bags.

promotional recycled spinning top

sustainable wooden spinning top

With a variety of sizes, differing handle designs and a choice of coloured gussets there is plenty of choice. The larger styles are perfect for a bag for life, allowing your brand to be displayed in shopping centres and supermarkets everyday.

The smaller Jute bags can be a stunning gift bag or great for carrying your lunch and a drink into work or on a day trip.

We also offer a stylish wine bottle bag, made to fit two standard bottles of wine.

promotional recycled yoyo

Recycled plastic yoyo

From a practical eco-friendly product, we’re going to quickly look at some of the more fun promotional products we have.

We realise that not every marketing campaign needs to break the bank, so some cheap, cheerful and memorable promotional products might just be the thing. Our sustainable wooden spinning tops can be a fantastic low-cost freebie.

Slightly more expensive (but still pretty affordable!) are branded yoyos, made from recycled plastic and available in six colours. These two products are perfect for the young and the young-at-heart.

If you’re looking for more practical giveaways or something to have around your own workplace, we’ve got a vast range of recycled pens and pencils available.

The pens and pencils are recycled from denim, money, tyres, newspapers and school lunch trays. We also have stylish sustainable wooden stationary which wouldn’t look out of place in any workplace.

The promotional recycled branded stationary shows that your organisation is enviro-conscious while giving customers and clients quality promotional goods.

We’ve only just scratched the surfuce here, so to check out the recycled and eco-friendly products we have, please head to our Promotional Eco Products page.

For all our other products head to or give us a call on 0116 3660052.