Promotional mugs – which is best to promote your brand?

15th April 2016 in Promotions

Promotional mugs – which is best to promote your brand?

Promotional mugs – best for your business

We have a vast range of promotional mugs available at, so we’re here to try and make your choice a bit easier.

A great place to start is in our best-selling category. Tried and tested, the mugs in this category are bought consistently and in good quantity – who are we to argue with our customers.

Branded mugs are possibly the most practical promotional product we have. They can be used as giveaways and gifts at events and exhibitions, every day in and around the workplace and they can be the perfect commemorative item for a birthday or celebration.

Here is small collection of some of our best-selling mugs:

Promotional mugs Cambridge / Durham mugs

Cambridge / Durham mug

Cambridge and Durham

Our Cambridge and Durham promotional mugs are one of the most iconic branded products. With plenty of colours available, these two mugs are a good-looking low-cost option with a fantastic print area.

These mugs are one of the most versatile products we have. The Durham is available in AntiBug®, the germ-killing surface, and Duraglaze, a coat which is proven to protect the mug to over 2,000 dish washes.


These promotional mugs are perfect way to kick off a campaign. The classically shaped mugs are available in a range of colours so can be personalised with any message or logo.

We offer free visuals to help you make your choice so feel free to get in touch.

Marrow Mug

The Marrow’s style is slightly different to what we’ve looked at so far. Instead of the straight sides of the Cambridge, Durham and Sparta, the Marrow has sleek curved lines which can really make your brand stand out.

Promotional mugs Corporate mugs

Corporate mug

For the long lasting print, we offer our innovative etching technique on these mugs which will set your personalised mugs apart.


These promotional mugs are far classier than a simply ‘corporate’ mug.

A blend of the Sparta and the Marrow, the Corporate mugs hold the core shape of the Marrow and use the angled lines of the Sparta’s handle to great effect.

These mugs are available in white and with a generous print area your brand will really be noticeable.

Topaz Bone China

If you’re looking for something with the added quality feel, our bone china mug range might be just the right thing.

The Topaz mugs are one of our best-selling bone china products. By mixing both a traditional and modern style, these mugs are the perfect choice for everything from a commemorative event to a boardroom drinks set.


Promotional mugs Metro mugs

Metro mug

The Metro promotional mug is one of our best-selling new products. A trendy shape with clean lines, the white mug is the perfect addition to any event.

This tapered branded mug is also available in black and red at an extra cost.


This is just a small selection of our best sellers, we’ve got plenty more on offer. Most of our promotional mugs can be printed and delivered in just 5-7 days.

For more information on any of our products or services, please call us on 0116 3660052 to chat to our friendly team or head to