Ancient Mother’s Day Festivals

1st March 2016 in Promotions

Ancient Mother’s Day Festivals


Festivals for All Even Mother’s!

The Ancient Greeks celebrated the arrival of Spring with a Festival dedicated to all maternal Goddesses, such as Rhea, the wife of Cronus, who was the Mother of many other Greek Goddesses.

The Romans also had a Festival to mark Springtime which began at least 250 years before the birth of Jesus, and was called ‘Hilario’, dedicated to their Mother Goddess called Cybele. Celebrated on the famous Ides of March with offerings given to Cybele in the Temple and lasted for three days.

There were Parades to watch, games to take part in, and masquerades or masked parties took place. Eventually, these celebrations became so rowdy, risqué and notorious, that Cybele followers of were banished from Rome as an evil influence on its inhabitants.

Many years later, the early Christians decided to utilise this Festival theme, to honour the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, as part of the Festival of Lent, by dedicating the fourth Sunday in Lent to the Virgin Mary.

During the 1600’s, it was adopted by Christian Churches in England and expanded to honour all Mothers and re-named Mothering Sunday. Every child who went to Church was given a small card with Bible verse on it and a pressed flower at the bottom, to take home and give to their Mothers.

Over the years, this has changed to a tiny bunch of Daffodils, and now, with very few people going to Church at all, has resulted in real flowers and cards being purchased and given to Mothers on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

We quite like the Festival celebration idea, so if your Club or Workplace wants to organise a Festival day of games and fun to celebrate Mothers, we can supply you with some fabulous pink and floral printed Wristbands printed with the date and company name, for everyone to mark the occasion.

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