Fidget spinners – Are they any good?

19th May 2017 in Promotions

Fidget spinners – Are they any good?

Fidget spinners – a popular but useless product?

Every so often a toy, gadget or gizmo gets so unbelievably popular in a short amount of time that stores and manufactures can’t quite meet demand. Even when that latest craze is digital game it can cause problems to the creators. Meet the latest toy that is spinning out of control — fidget spinners.

The palm-sized plastic toy traditionally come with three ‘arms’ with a metal bearing in the central circle. They have taken over both schools and offices but what do they actually do? And are they actually good?

That depends on what your definition of good is, I guess. They’re not going to feed a family of four. Despite claims on some spinners’ marketing, they’re probably not going to help kids with ADHD or anxiety. There is a real appeal to them though. It’s a toy designed for children, so it’s easy to use. Put the spinner between your thumb and your forefinger and spin. You’re a master already. You don’t even have to learn ‘tricks’, the thing will spin for a couple of minutes with a single flick.

That’s where the appeal is. I’ve got to admit I didn’t see that before I got the twirling toy. I’ve always been a fidgeter, I always play with pens and stress balls but I never really got the ‘point’ of the fidget spinner. But why does there need to be a point to it? The spinning top, a yo-yo or the Rubix Cube never had a purpose, and they’re all perfectly acceptable things to fiddle and fidget with. After getting one I’m blankly checking my phone less which is definitely a bonus.

I got sent a couple of fidget spinners to write this post. One even has light-up LED pods! Like me, everyone sat around me uttered the words ‘I don’t get why they’re so popular’. Yet everyone keeps playing with them.

So, are they good?

The question should have never been about how good fidget spinners are. The better question is, are fidget spinners fun? The answer is fairly simple. Yes, they are. And that’s all that matters.

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