The top seven fastest growing products

8th June 2016 in Promotions

The top seven fastest growing products

Seven fastest growing products with summer around the cornerbeach balls - 7th fastest growing products

As we have emerged from winter, through spring and into are now enjoying the great British summer, the landscape of the promotional products world starts to shift. In this quick hit list of the fastest growing products, we have some seasonable products and some old favourites.

The facts and figures have come from Sourcing City and show the growth in the products when comparing the last 90 days to the 90 days before that.

Here are the seven fastest growing products in reverse order:

7th. Inflatable beach balls. We might be getting a bit of ahead of ourselves with the growth in this item but it’s clear that Britain is planning on heading to the seaside with their branded beach balls in tow.

Available in either a solid colour or the more traditional stripes, beach balls are a fun product which comes flat ready to be inflated by your potential customers and clients.

6th. Flip Flops. Carrying on the beach theme, summer will soon be in full flow with promotional flip flops. Perfect for an office retreat or a family holiday, we have branded flip flops in a good range of colours. Your artwork will be printed on in full colour.

Incredibly well priced when bought in bulk, promotional flip flops can also be used around the house or at the gym.

5th. Recycled Plastic Trolley Coin. Trolley coin keyrings are frequently a good seller here at EverythingBranded, however, with an incredible growth of nearly 350% over the last 90 days, the recycled plastics products stand out.

Perfect for free giveaways and gifts, your customers or employees will never have to keep a pound coin in the car for the supermarket trip. Easy to attach to a set of keys, trolley coin keyrings offer a great marketing oppurtunity.

4th. Quality paper bags. The next on our list is again part of a larger category which sells consistently well. They are so popular in fact, bags top three of Sourcing City’s top selling listings. The flavour of the month (well, last three) is the paper bag.

Paper bags are a popular choice for any trade show, conference or open day. Perfect for handing out as they can be folded flat and strong enough to hold all the freebies and giveaways available at events.

3rd. Sunglasses. You may be starting to see a bit of a theme. It’s not the most surprising twist, with summer around the corner, promotional sunglasses join beach balls and flip flops as one of the fasting growing products in the UK.

The third fasted growing promotional product is always a great seller this time of year. Cheap, good looking and practical, it’s easy to see why these products sell well.sunglasses - 3rd fastest growing products

2nd. Plastic travel mugs. The second fastest growing product in the last 90 days is a slightly surprising one. Perfect for the daily commute or taking a drink to the park on a summer’s evening. Perfect for keeping hot drinks hot and – more appropriately in this has perhaps – keeping cold drinks cooler.

1st. Bottled water. The fastest growing promotional product in the UK is bottled water, printed with your logo, design or artwork on. The simple 500ml bottles are perfect to have around the office, ideal for any office getaway or to give to your workforce on the building site.

They are also a healthy alternative to confectionary at trade shows and exhibitions. Bottled water can be a highly sought after freebie in those environments, especially with the weather warming up. These branded products have been an incredible 861% growth in the last 90 days.

With the summer months and the school holidays approaching, it’s possible for your charity, organisation or business take use this time of the year as a fantastic promotional opportunity. Just having a quick look at this fastest growing products list it’s clear that some people already are.

If you have liked the look of any of the products we have linked to, give us a call on 0116 3660052 to chat to our sales team about how we can help you.