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9th October 2015 in Branding Advice | News | Promotions | Unique promotional products

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Look around you now, how many gadgets can you see? The average person now owns 3.5 gadgets. They have become part of our everyday lives, for work and pleasure. It’s hard to remember the days without mobile phones. Accompanying the gadgets are a whole raft of gadget accessories from backup batteries to cables, chargers, stands, covers and a multitude of over implements to make life easier.
Therefore, can there be a more appropriate promotional product to brand and get into the hands of your target audience? We carry all of this equipment with us at all times. Even the average family takes 4.5 gadgets with them on holiday along with a bag of accessories no doubt.

Power to the People!

The best-selling item for this year so far has been the power bank, a backup power source for mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. We’ve all finally accepted the limitations of the batteries supplied with every gadget. It seems that they never seem to last the appropriate length of time no matter how we maintain them. Therefore, a backup power supply has now become a must. Given these gadgets are never out of our hands a branded backup supply source seems like the perfect vehicle to raise awareness. What better but to have your brand right there when your customer needs it most.
The power banks come with various degrees of power with the most powerful being able to charge an iPhone 2 or 3 times over. The casings come in a wide selection of colours and formats so we also ask our customers to consider the end user and what fits their needs and your brand best.

Stick it to Them!

With the phenomenon of the selfie has come the selfie stick, an apparatus used to take a better picture of oneself and others. Go anywhere where you’ll find a gathering of people and you’ll see a forest of selfie sticks being positioned here there and everywhere to get the best picture of the scene and people. Imagine if that target market has your branded selfie stick with a note on where to post their pics for a prize? Do it and expect a flood of engaging picture content.
Selfie sticks come in various colours and can hold your logo, strapline, etc. They can also feature a message on where the user should post their pics for the chance to win, delivering to you the chance to collect fantastic data.

Have You Got it Covered?

Look around you at an event or exhibition and see just how many people, not only have their phones in their hands but how many have their phones covered. The fragile build of the modern phone’s casing means we all need to protect our prized possession in some way. Image the reach stats with a simple phone cover for every time your target market uses their phone.
Phone covers are available for just about every type of phone. Of course, the main question we face on a regular basis is what phone type to choose? Your everythingbranded.co.uk account manager will work with you advising on the latest phone sales stats to help you make the right choice for your target market.
We’ve got it covered for you.

Getting Your Gadgets.

Everythingbranded.co.uk has over 50,000 promotional products to choose from and a significant range of gadgets and gadget accessories. Be assured of a quality service in helping you identify the best product for your needs and at the best possible value.
Give us a call, post, tweet, text, email today from whatever gadget you have in your hand right now!

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