How to make your Easter campaign egg-cellent!

1st February 2018 in Promotions

How to make your Easter campaign egg-cellent!

As it’s one of the major holidays in the UK, Easter marketing is an important time for many businesses.

Seasonal branding is a very successful and important strategy for companies to use when marketing themselves. Investing in promotional products is a cost effective marking tool, why spend big bucks of formal, sale motivated brochures that are most likely going to get binned. People love the seasons and doing seasonal things. So, seeing companies using seasonal branding will be much more appealing to viewers.

Use the existing interest in Easter is an easy way to attract new clients to your brand. Consumers are already thinking about the upcoming holiday, so seeing your seasonal content and brand message feeds into that excitement. Once you get their attention, they will continue exploring your brand to see what other interesting things you offer.

Everyone loves chocolate and that’s why companies invest their money on promotional Easter products. Easter egg chocolate boxes are great for advertising your company logo, everyone who receives your branded box will be grateful, giving a positive view of your brand.

Jenn Ellek, Director of Trade Marketing and Communications for the National Confectioners Association states “Those big four holidays: Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day account for as much as 54 percent of total annual sweet purchasing volume. If you add in the promotional times that happen before and even the weeks after those holidays, that accounts for more than half of the weeks in the year.”

Our Easter eggs come in various size from 18g up to 100g and can be printed with your logo. You can also print your Easter egg design on our promotional mugs, meaning long after Easter is finished, your brand remains in clients’ households and offices.

Whether you’re looking for printed chocolate Easter eggs or Easter inspired bags, we have a fantastic range of custom Easter products available.

EverythingBranded provide unlimited free visuals from our in-house design team to ensure your logo or brand message is printed to your specific requirements.

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