5 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Giveaways For Your Customers

3rd December 2018 in Promotions | Top Tips

5 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Giveaways For Your Customers

5 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Giveaways For Your Customers

Christmas is the season for giving and it’s the little things that your customers will appreciate most. You don’t have to spend loads of money to find the perfect festive giveaways for your clients, at everythingbranded.co.uk we can help you find the ideal inexpensive gift giveaways this Christmas. Your loyal customers will love receiving a special festive giveaway gift from your company, as it’s the thought that counts. This blog is going to share with you 5 inexpensive Christmas gift giveaways, perfect for the festive season.

 Santa Hat

These Santa hats are the ideal inexpensive giveaway gift for your special customers. These festive hats are priced from as little as 50p including VAT. These low-cost promotional Santa hats would make a lovely present for your loyal customers this Christmas. These Santa hats are a fun way of promoting your company with a reasonable print area of 95mm x 25mm for your logo and details.


Christmas boot

These Christmas boots would make the perfect gift for all your customers. This low-cost product is priced from £1.03 including VAT which is an affordable investment for your customers. These Christmas boots would make a fantastic festive addition to your customers fireplace this Christmas. These boots also a large print area of 100mm x 60mm perfect space for your logo and message.


Star shape felt tree hanger

These stars shaped felt tree hangers are the perfect present giveaway this Christmas, that will be loved by all your customers. These promotional hangers would make an ideal addition to the tree which will be branded with your company logo. This will allow your customers to associate your brand with the happiest time of year. These low-cost star shape hangers are priced from just 56p including VAT.


Sliding puzzle

This sliding puzzle would make the perfect gift giveaway for any young customers. This fun game will have your customers puzzled when they try to solve it. This product can be custom designed with your company logo and details on which your customers will be promoting when they use it. These sliding puzzles are priced from as little as 90p which makes this product event more appealing.


Gift paper bag small

These gift paper bags would make the perfect finish to your gift. These low-cost promotional Christmas bags are priced from just 83p which can be custom designed with your company logo and details. This bag is a lovely and easy way to wrap your present giveaway for your loyal customers.


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