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Promotional Tech Products: The Best Digital Devices

17th April 2018 in Branding Advice

As the business world becomes more and more digitally focused, promotional tech products are becoming more and more popular. From electrical gifts to flash drives and audio speakers, you can invest in a range of digital devices to feature your logo. Everything Branded offers small promotional tech products perfect for giveaways and marketing campaigns with a smaller budget, as well as more elaborate devices, ideal for executive gifts. Here we highlight some of our favourite tech treats, perfect for bringing in new business. See how each product can be best used for your industry to bring in new customers as well as rewarding your existing ones. Connect with your customers now!

Universal Tripod

Do your customers travel frequently? Why not give them a practical tool to capture those moments easily. Compact camera tripods can fit any smartphone device or camera, ready to snap any scene your customer desires. Give your customers a practical promotional tech product that can go anywhere with them. As they collect pictures to better remember their experiences, they will also better remember your brand.

Chair Mobile Holder

This four-port USB hub is a fabulous novelty item for any business. With the growth in smartphone use over the years and the frequent need to charge those devices, here we have a convenient charging port,  an ideal item for promoting your business. These promotional tech products are an excellent gift for your customers, as a practical tool, they are likely to use the product repeatedly, which will give your brand repeated exposure. This fun, stylish item will be a hit with customers of all ages and make a welcome addition to any desk, home or travel bag.


With the increased focus on data protection and privacy protection, this promotional tech product is a practical accessory for any laptop, desktop or tablet. For customers who have young children, this is a perfect device for safe use of devices. Webcam-blockers are perfect for exhibition giveaways, if you are promoting a tech company these are the usual promotional product to feature your brand. Make your business stand out from the rest!

Here at Everything Branded we can print your logo on any chosen promotional tech product. Our in-house design team can create unlimited visual mock-ups so that your product is designed and printed to your specific requirements. If you are looking for promotional tech products, contact one of our dedicated account managers today to discuss your needs. Check out our full range of promotional products here.

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