Virtual Reality Collapsible Headset And Clean-IT – A Review

3rd July 2017 in Product Reviews

Virtual Reality Collapsible Headset And Clean-IT – A Review

Today we’re going to be looking at two interesting products that we requested as samples. A Virtual Reality collapsible headset and a Clean-IT computer cleaning set. We chose these products for their uniqueness and their practicality. In this review we’ll be assessing these products design, functionality and practicality. Let’s see whether these two products deliver.

Virtual Reality Collapsible Headset

When we received this product it came in a glossy white box with some helpful instructions for set-up. This included instructions to download an APP or search a video streaming site for 360video/virtual reality. The box was small and had no wasted space, meaning a small footprint when transporting and giving away at exhibitions and conferences. When the product name says collapsible it means it. All in all the total width is no more than 2 cm with the phone holder.

Visual fidelity

The visual fidelity depends primarily on the users device. However, in terms of the headset reliably creating virtual reality, we have to say the collapsible headset effectively demonstrated clear focus and crisp visuals with a capable device.


The way the Virtual Reality headset works is it needs to be held up to the users face. the product has a nose ridge, which sat snugly on everyone in the office. Unfortunately the headset comes with no straps, so must be held in place.

Mobile holder

The mobile holder feels robust and will fit generally any phone we can think of. It has a small rubber backing that will be pressed against the phone in a bid to protect it from damage. Our phones stayed firmly fixed in place when we moved the Virtual Reality headset around.

Our verdict

These are great promotional products to present Virtual Reality to clients on a budget. They’re easily transportable to events and are a practical gadget for your clients to keep on their person throughout the year, ensuring consistent brand exposure.

Clean-IT computer cleaning set

This is a little handy compact product that will easily sit at any clients desk without looking out of place. These come in white, blue, red, and black with respectable color schemes of the screen cleaner and keyboard cleaner holder. It arrived in a transparent bag with the product enclosed in a small transparent bag inside.


The Clean-IT computer cleaning set has two translucent blue plastic covers, separated by a bold white wave design across the body of the product. These plastic covers securely slot into place and provide protection for the keyboard cleaner and the screen cleaner. These cleaners can also be removed if needed.

Keyboard cleaner functionality

On one side sat comfortably under one of the translucent, blue plastic covers is the Keyboard cleaner bristles. These are firm and sturdy, they easily brushed across our keyboard and cleared debris from every nook and cranny.

Screen cleaner functionality

At the adjacent end of the Clean-IT product is the screen cleaner. The holder for the screen cleaner is translucent blue rather than solid. I’ve had a smudge on my monitor for a few days now and I’ve eagerly awaited this products screen cleaner for a true test of its primary function – to clean monitors. So, how did it do? The screen cleaner cleared a path through dust and marks across our monitors, leaving them smudge free with no damage to the screens.

Our verdict

The real question is, does the Clean-IT computer cleaning set do what its supposed to? We’re happy to report that both ends fulfill their roles efficiently. The Keyboard cleaner’s bristles glides effortlessly across our keyboard and picks up all the little bits of dirt and crumbs. and the cleaner left our monitors smudge and dirt free. The Clean-IT is an ideal promotional product to sit at clients desks.