Travel Mugs – A Review

19th June 2017 in Product Reviews

Travel Mugs – A Review

Each week we’ll be looking at a couple of promotional products in close detail with product reviews. These products have been requested as samples, so they are the exact products used in your marketing campaigns.

We’re just going to be looking at one product, which are top quality travel mugs. Travel mugs are one of the more popular promotional products due to their quality and convenience.

Travel mugs – Senna thermo cup

First impressions of the Senna thermo cup is that it is a product of genuine quality. The thermal mug is made from lightweight stainless steel and has a plastic screw cap lid.

If you don’t overfill it the lid is guaranteed leak-free. There was an issue with the cup not sealing properly as it had too much liquid in but this issue didn’t crop up on any other uses. So, it’s important to stick to its 470ml capacity.

The most important thing when it comes to a travel mug is how long it keeps your cold drink cold and your hot drink hot. This is where these travel mugs really impress. On our test, we made a couple of coffees, at 11am and headed out in the car. After a decent drive and visiting a few shops we got back to the car just before 3pm. The coffee had cooled down a little but it was still warm enough to drink. It had lasted nearly four hours, which is more than enough for your morning commute and to enjoy the drink at your desk.

As well as being practical, they also look good. Available in a brushed stainless steel or a glossy white finish, you can pick the colour which will best show off your artwork.

The bottom of the mugs feature a non-slip material to help counter any nudges and knocks. The mugs will still fall over is you put much force behind it but the underside offers an added bit of friction.

The only downsize we can think of, and this isn’t really a downside, is that it’s hand wash only. These thermos mugs are not dishwasher safe.

If you like the look of these promotional Senna thermos cups, you can find them on our website here.