The Facelet – Exclusive only to EverythingBranded

4th November 2020 in Printing Processes | Product Reviews

The Facelet – Exclusive only to EverythingBranded

How The Facelet can shape the future…

As we all adapt to life alongside the pandemic and move through the re-opening phase, we are urged to wear face protection in public and closed spaces to help prevent the spread of infection. There is an ongoing debate about the use of face coverings by the public. It is understandable that people desperately seek anything that could help protect them against the spread of infection.

It is estimated that there would be 66,000 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste and 57,000 tonnes of plastic packaging which would be generated if everyone one of us in the UK used just one disposable surgical mask each day for a year. So, at what length are we prepared to protect ourselves and the earth?

It’s not just a Face Covering

Team Facelet are a group of creative skilled individuals who have formed an idea of a new convenient mask that protects you whilst being a non-forgettable item as it can be used as a wristband with a secure button in a range of sizes, fabrics, designs, and colors. The Facelet is a reusable, washable at 60ºC face covering which can be used by consumers ‘as and when’ they are required to.

faceletthe facelet

Why The Facelet over any other mask?

Well, have you ever popped out and frantically patted yourself down just before you walk into a shop? Yes of course you have. We are slowly made to feel like Batman now remembering our phone, keys, wallet …and mask. But whilst protecting ourselves with its anti-bacterial fabric layer built-in as well as a Unique full-color design, it can be comfortably worn as a wristband which can be reused over and over again!

The Facelet is made up of 3-layers including an anti-bacterial fabric filter which is commonly used in light weighted, breathable products, which contributes to blocking bacteria internally and externally. This brand-new product is available in an unlimited range of designs and colours as well as having a custom button that can be any specific color.

Finally, what makes us and this item stand out the most, is that we are the only retailer in the whole world who sell The Facelet. There have been significant measures to protect the design & brand of this unique product. Brand yours today!

The FaceletThe Facelet

Join luxury brands like Malmaison, Frasers Hospitality, and Hotel Du Vin with The Facelet today!

For more information please contact us directly on 0116 3660052 or chat online.

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