Tapas Board & Colouring Pencils – A Review

5th June 2017 in Product Reviews

Tapas Board & Colouring Pencils – A Review

New product reviews – Colouring pencils and a tapas board

The core of the promotional product industry is the products. There are thousands out there and suppliers are still able to produce new and exciting ways for companies, charities and individuals to promote their events and campaigns. Occasionally we will take a look at some of the newer items available in these new product reviews.

These new product articles will focus on a couple of new products each month. We’ll try and mix and match the products, giving you a wide range of new and interesting ways to promote your brand.

Tabla de Tapas serving board

The first product we’re going to look at is a stylish bamboo tapas board. The board is made of lightweight bamboo and comes with three 9cm diameter porcelain dishes. The board has three sunken areas where the dishes will sit.

A well packed sturdy black box holds the tapas board. The three dishes are packed in bubble wrap inside a separate box. The products arrived in perfect condition.

The lightweight bamboo has a smooth finish on top, perfect for bread, cheeses and meats. The top is finished with a top coat of vegetarian soybean oil. This allows the tapas board to break down bacteria faster and which makes it easier to clean than wood and plastic alternatives.

The tapas set would be a perfect accompaniment to any party. The board can be used as a cheeseboard with olives and crackers in dishes. It can also be used as a breadboard, with rustic bread on the board, butter, jam and dips in the dishes.

A notable negative of the product is only realised after the product has been used. In the test example there was cream, jam and Brandy butter in the three dishes. When it came to cleaning the product the three dishes were difficult to get out of the indentations.

Success of promotional products often comes down to how well the brand’s logo or message is displayed on a product. If it’s too small and the customer may miss it. Too large and it feels invasive, the customer won’t use the product for its intended purpose.

The boards will be laser engraved. This print technique reveals the darker tones of the bamboo underneath leaving an attractive and effective finish.

Pastelli coloured pencils

The second product we’re going to look at is a lot smaller and a little more traditional when it comes to promotional products.

These half-sized promotional colouring pencils come already sharpened so they are ready to use straight away. They are packed in a recycled cardboard box.

In the box are twelve vibrant colours. The colours work well on white paper, although the pale-pink can struggle to stand out compared to the other colours.

The recycled box allows the wood pencils to go through transit without being damaged badly. There were a couple of marks and dents but nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to budget pencils.

The one downside of using these half-sized products as promotional material is the print is on the box and not the product themselves. Printing the 12 pencils individually would be far too expensive for the product. The print will be on the cardboard box.

To check out the pastelli coloured pencils, click here. You can find the tapas board on our site here.