SoundCube Bluetooth Speakers – A Review

29th May 2017 in Product Reviews

SoundCube Bluetooth Speakers – A Review

Product reviews – SoundCubeMini Bluetooth Speakers

We are continuing our frequent look at some of the newest and most interesting promotional products on offer. Today we’re going to be looking at mini Bluetooth speakers.

These promotional power banks are small. They are 27mm x 28mm x 27mm and they are extremely lightweight, weighing just 25g. The aesthetic of the promotional product is one of the most important things when looking for products to use as giveaways. They need to be interesting and entice the consumer to find out more. This is where these promotional Bluetooth speakers excel.

The cube-shaped Bluetooth speakers come in four colours, black, white, lime green and blue. They also come with a plastic 3.5mm plug in a matching colour. These can be plugged into the phone or tablet simply to keep them from getting lost. The products also come with a USB charging cable.

All the buttons, lights and holes are well designed and none of them look out of place. A voice declares ‘bluetooth mode!’ and ‘power off’ every time it’s switched on and off which is extremely jarring. A simple light indicating whether the speaker was on or off would have been more than fine.

The print area is a decent size for the size of the products. The print area is 24mm x 14mm and can be printed in up to five colours.

There is also a couple of functions which may surprise you. These products aren’t just Bluetooth speakers, they can be used to make phonecalls and to use as a camera button. While the product is synced to a phone, clicking the central button will answer a call and there is an inbuilt mic to speak through.

The button also doubles as a snapper for the camera. Perfect when using a selfie stick, the 3-in-1 speaker can be used as a ready-to-go camera clicker.

These promotional Bluetooth speakers are fantastic looking and the sound quality is crisp. The only issue is their practicality. The sound may be quality but the volume is lacking. Mobiles and tablets now boast internal speakers which are just as good as these speakers. Luckily the added practicality with the camera sync and telephone function makes up for this.

As giveaways, these promotional products are perfect. They are small, good looking and come with enough charge (ours did anyway) for at least an hour of use. The only issue is their practicality in real-life use as it can easily be argued their main function may have been made obsolete by the quality of the internal phone speakers.

Despite the issues these are excellent quality promotional products and for the price, the benefits far outweigh the issues when using these for a marketing campaign or a promotional gift.

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