Promotional pebble kit – A review

21st August 2017 in Product Reviews

Promotional pebble kit – A review

New product reviews – promotional pebble kit

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve taken a look at marketing to freshers and how to get the most out of Freshers’ Week. In this blog we’re going to focus on some products we think would be perfect to market to freshers with. The products are promotional pebble kits. The kits are all themed – with many theme-relevant products inside the kits.

We were sent an assortment of kits including one for the golf bag and one for travel. We’ll have a look at what the kits offer and how they can be applied to your marketing campaign. Although the kits we received might not but the perfect kits to advertise to freshers with, there are plenty of ideas to come from these popular kits.

The first pebble kit is the golf bag kit.

The plastic kits come with two stickers, one on each side, that can be printed with your design. In the golf kit you get a plastic ball marker, pitch mark repairer, and two tees. Those are the golf-related products. The other products include a couple of wipes, two plasters, sun cream and a hand warmer.

This is a bit of a theme with these kits. They’re full but half of the products aren’t relevant to the theme. The dry wipes and lemon wet wipe are nice additions but they aren’t extremely relevant to golf.

The heat pack also isn’t really relevant to golf but it’s a fantastic addition. With a click of the metal disc the pad quickly gets really hot, perfect for warming your hands on a wet and windy tenth tee. The pack will soon go solid but the heat lasts for a good 10-15 minutes. After that just stick it in a pan of boiling water and you’re good to go again.

The second pebble kit is our overseas travel kit.

The travel kit is full of all your holiday needs. Sun cream and lip balm. A pen and a notebook to jot down all your travel times and dates. A few wipes, a couple of plasters and some tissues.

Your main marketing opportunities with these pebble kits is the plastic case. They look good, the print area is a decent size and they are easy to store.

Although the festival pebble kits might be a better way to market towards students, having this quick look at the golf kits and the travel kit gives a good idea of the products inside the kits.

To have a look at the festival kit and our other kits you can head online here, or you can give our sales team a call on 0116 3660052.

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