GO! Fitness Watch and Pedometer – A Review

10th July 2017 in Product Reviews

GO! Fitness Watch and Pedometer – A Review

The promotional products industry is always looking for new, inventive and current ways of marketing your brand using branded products. We try to look at some of those products in depth in these weekly reviews.

Today we’re going to look at just the one product, a fitness watch and pedometer.

GO! Fitness Watch

The GO! Fitness watch is an inexpensive pedometer that tracks basic fitness. It can measure steps, distance and calories burned, while also functioning as an everyday watch. An issue with budget fitness trackers is a possible lack of accuracy, which is something we’ll address.

First thing a potential customer will notice when you give them a promotional product or a marketing gift is the look of the product. On first glance, it’s a solid looking product with no noticeable issues. The sample we had was white and it arrived in its own clear plastic box with simple and informative instructions.

So, it passes the first impressions test.

It’s not as sleek as some of the more well-known and rather more expensive fitness trackers you can get. It feels a bit bulky when wearing it but at the inexpensive price there are always going to be the occasional downside. It doesn’t verge into uncomfortable, but you will know it’s there.

Regarding the accuracy of the readings they seem fairly good. You can always trick a pedometer but it seemed to get a rough idea of the number of steps you’ve travelled. In the short distance we wandered about it got the distance tracker spot on.

The issue with the calories burned counter is that it’s so dependent on the size and weight of the person using it and the type of activity. The tracker doesn’t know if you’re going uphill or downhill. The calorie burner is good for a general idea of calories burned but I wouldn’t be basing a detailed fitness regime from the findings. Also, the watch works, which is the least you’d expect, but it’s good to confirm.

Using the fitness watch for marketing

As a marketing tool the fitness tracker works because of the price. For a 100 units they are £3.59 each (inc. tax) and they only get cheaper from there. The print will be on the on the strap.

For more information about the GO! Fitness Tracker and how you can get your artwork printed on these products, give our sales team a call on 0116 3660052. You can also enquire online on the product page here.