Personalised cheese board & a scent vent – A review

31st July 2017 in Product Reviews

Personalised cheese board & a scent vent – A review

Personalised cheese board & a scent vent – A review

Promotional products can cover the entire range of marketing campaigns. They can be used for large-scale campaigns where the products need to be cost-effective and they can be used for more focused gift giving and awards. Today we’re going to look at a couple of products that will cover both of those bases. The first product is a personalised cheese board and the second a vent scent for a car.

Printed cheese board

The cheese board itself is made from quality-looking bamboo wood. It’s smooth and the edges have been nicely rounded with no sharp edges or splinters. The quality of the wood continues into the cheese knifes. Each knife fits in your hand well and comes with an indent for your thumb. Each product comes in its own individual box.

The knives are sharp when they arrive so the product is good to go from the start. The personalised cheese board is extremely well made and there are only two downsides we can think of.

Those downsides start with the magnetic strip the knives are attached to. The strip is a fairly powerful magnetic and although it does hold the knives upright, it really could have done with a second strip for a bit more power.

A second magnetic strip for that added stability wouldn’t have taken anything away from the design and it would have added more practicality.

The second and final downside is the may be slightly on the small side. It would be perfect for a small selection of cheeses but it’s probably not the product to centre a larger dinner party around.

Print areas and print techniques are one of the most important parts of the promotional product. This personalised cheese board has a good print area of 40mm x 40mm and the print will be engraved. The engraved finish matches the overall quality of this bamboo wood product.

Plastic vent scent

As we mentioned in the introduction, we’re moving to the other end of the promotional product world with the next product. The vent scent is a handy little promotional product that won’t cost you a couple of your limbs.

Open up the product and unpack the scented pad that’s on the inside. Close it back up and clip it onto a vent in the car. The product will slowly release a clean, fresh scent as your blowers get to work.

The products are available in a good range of colours for the basic price and for an additional cost they can be pantone matched to your company’s design. The vent scents are made from 100% recycled plastic so are the perfect product for a company keeping an eye of their carbon footprint.

To find out more information about the personalised cheese board you can give it on our website here. To have a closer look at the vent scent, click here. You can also chat to our sales team about both of the products we’ve looked at today.