Fragrance Set & Wooden Power Banks – A Review

12th June 2017 in Product Reviews

Fragrance Set & Wooden Power Banks – A Review

Each week we’ll be looking at a couple of promotional products in close detail. These reviews will look at the quality of the product and how they are best used for a marketing campaign.

Today we’ll be looking at a promotional power banks and a stylish fragrance set.

Promotional candles – Pleasant Fragrance Set

The first product we’re going to take a look at is the Pleasant Fragrance Set. The sets are available in four scents and come packed in individual boxes. The boxes include a ceramic leaf-shaped incense holder, 10 incense sticks, three scented candles and a glass candle holder. The colour of the the items match the scents, which are lavender, orange, lemon and ocean. We were provided with the ‘ocean’ option.

The candles fit the holder well and seem to be a good quality, despite only being tea candles. The ceramic leaf is well made and the incense stick slots in the hole and doesn’t move about while the it’s burning.

There can be no complaints about the products inside the box, but the box itself may be an issue when using it to promote your brand. The lid is made from translucent plastic and feels fairly cheap. This is an issue as this is where your brand’s logo will be placed using a full-colour sticker.

If the focus is more on the promotional products rather than the box they’re housed in then this fragrance set is a fantastic choice for the right marketing campaign.

Promotional power bank – PowerCharger2000Wood powerbankpower banks

The second item is a small power bank in a real-wood casing. The wood is available in walnut, cherries and maple. We were given a maple version. The wood is smooth and there are no issues with the corners feeling rough compared to the body. The wood transitions to the metal cap where the USB slots are well too.

The power bank is just over 100mm long and the square-sides are 24mm long making for a compact power bank, easy to store in a handbag or a purse for a quick charge.

The compact size is likely the cause of the only downsize to these promotional power banks. The inbuilt lithium battery is 2000mAh battery. For context, an iPhone 7 Plus has a 2915mAh battery, so this power bank is really a quick charge when you desperately need it to get through the day, rather than a long-term battery solution.

If you want a promotional power bank to promote your brand with then these are the perfect option. Your artwork can be pad printed but we recommend laser engraving as it matches the quality of these products.

Each power bank comes in a cardboard back with its own USB / micro-USB charging cable.

You can find the fragrance candle set here. The wooden power banks are on our site here.