Fidget Spinners – A review

22nd May 2017 in Product Reviews

Fidget Spinners – A review

New product review – Printed fidget spinner

The Fidget Spinner is one of the most popular toys around and we’re delighted to be able get them printed for you. We have already looked at fidget spinners as a whole but in this post we’re going to look at the specific products we have available to you.

We will take a look at the price, quality and the branding opportunities of a fidget spinner. The two products we are taking a look at is a standard fidget spinner and a spinner which has LED flashing pods.

The quality

Fidget spinners are typically make from plastic and have three ‘arms’ and they have a metal bearing in the inner circle. The palm-sized toys we have available are the same toys you’ll find in shops, schools and offices around the world.

The samples we were sent have been spun, twisted, dropped, battered and bruised but the sturdy plastic is still holding strong. There were no marks or defects on the spinner as it arrived in its box. All the fidget spinners are delivered in their own boxes for easy transporting and handing out at tradeshows and conferences. The LED spinner hasn’t been subject to quite as much roughhousing, so it’s possible the plastic LED lights may get damaged quicker.

The standard fidget spinner has metal and plastic pods which give it more weight and feel compared to the LED spinner. The pods are made from a lightweight plastic which house the LED light on the other turning toy.

The spin

Both spinners spun for just over a minute after an average spin. (We actually timed this, it was a thrilling couple of minutes.) Regarding the feel, the heavier standard spins felt a bit better. The extra weight puts the plastic spinner above the LED version.

Where the LED version has it beat is the visuals. The lights have three settings to create an enjoyable spectacle when the toy is spinning.

The price and the print

One reason fidget spinners have become so popular is their price. They’re surprisingly inexpensive. We’re pleased to be offering printed fidget spinners at a fantastic price too.

We’re a company that brands products and we’re pleased to be offering printed fidget spinners. Your print will be put in the middle of the spinner on the circular centre.

To check out our standard fidget spinner, click here. You can find the LED fidget spinner here. For our look into whether fidget spinners are good, check out our previous blog.