www.topwristbands.co.uk charity silicone wristbands launches

26th August 2011 in Printing Processes

Hello and welcome to Everythingbranded.co.uk blog, we have some great news from the wonderful world of promotion. Top on the agenda is the launch of www.topwristbands.co.uk this is a dedicated site to all things silicone including watches and our top seller silicone wristbands. Silicone wristbands have become a massive seller and you could say craze over the last few years especially in the charity sector. With there low cost and giving the user the ability to show there support in a dignified way these work wonders. We can offer printed bands / de bossed / embossed / glow in the dark / the list goes on and on. Give the team a call today and get the best and lowest priced bands around.