What is the best promotional product to buy ?

23rd July 2011 in Printing Processes

This is a question we get asked all the time and to be honest it really depends on your business and project. Plus the all important dreaded budget !. One thing we do say and try our best to explain is if you are going to buy Promotional products to promote your brand or event why give something to someone that will ultimately end up in the bin ?
For example when it comes to promotional pens we can offer the low cost plastic versions which hand on heart are our biggest sellers but lets be honest if you are a high end solicitors or plc do you really want to give your clients a 19p pen ? This is why we are offering high end pens like the great Prodir, Senator or the house hold big brand Parker. All these pens can be supplied in gift boxes and with the chance of engraving on our metal versions this is now turns from a promotional giveaway to a corporate gift. Which
your end user should keep for the long time. Plus it won’t end up on a landfill which is always good news.
So thats the promotional pens , what about promotional mugs then ? Now this is a tricky one as they vastly expensive compared to promotional pens. But we do have ideasfor maximum value. If you logo is of 3/4 colours then why not ask for a free visual and we could convert this to a one colour but on a mug
that will stand out and still enhance your brand ? Or we have the lowest priced Dye sublimation mugs in the uk please check our prices and if you do not agree then take advantage of our price beat guarantee as we are very confident that we will not be beaten. Below is to link so the best selling products at the moment hopefully these will tick all the boxes.
Value pens – Contour Range
Executive pens – Parker vector
Value mugs – Sparta / cambridge
High end mugs – Opal mug

I hope this is helpful and if you would like anymore information then please don’t hesitate to contact us at the office where the team will gladly help.