What Are Balance Bands And Do They Work

5th October 2011 in Printing Processes

What Are Balance Bands And Do They Work

There are so many wellness products on the market that it is difficult to keep up with the trends. Balance bands are one of the most recent fads embraced by the professional sporting community. ‘What are balance bands?’ you ask. Well, they are a form of silicone wristbands touted as a way to balance the body naturally when worn on a regular basis.

Some versions use holographic technology to affect the natural energy field of the body. Manufacturers state that the balance, flexibility, and strength of the wearer are improved. In randomised and controlled studies, these bracelets resulted in no difference in balance for the wearer, leading to a lawsuit being filed against the manufacturer.

Other bands claim to balance the body by harnessing scalar frequency and negative ions. A blend of natural compounds and elements is crushed into powder form and incorporated into the silicone bands. These are designed to provide the wearer with negative ions. The metallised hologram inserted on the bracelet features a harmonic filter for scalar frequencies. Promoted benefits include better sleep, increased balance and flexibility, improved strength, pain relief, and a more relaxed state of existence.

These bands are sold for £15-25 and some manufacturers offer a money back guarantee. Many professional athletes, like Lance Armstrong and Rubens Barrichello,  David Beckham and tennis stars Sam Querrey and Mardy Fish have embraced the technology, making these bands quite popular, despite the negative press. Bands are now made from neoprene and terry cloth, in addition to silicone. Limited edition styles are available to support charity causes.

The Balance Bands said to improve performance may or may not be different from other silicone wristbands, such as <a href=”http://www.topwristbands.co.uk/infill-silicone-wristbands”>infilled silicone wristbands</a> but I should mention that ordinary silicone bands are available at a much lower cost. These come in many colours and can be personalised with the name and logo of a business, sports team or charity.

They come in a wide variety of types, probably the glow-in-the-dark bands being the most spectacular as indeed they do glow in the dark, helping you to stand out in dimly lit night clubs. Other types include mosquito repellant bands, and bands that change colour as the temperature changes, are also available. Individuals who are interested in these can request free samples online.