Wedding favours – Wedding products

2nd November 2016 in Printing Processes

Wedding favours – Wedding products

Wedding favours – the perfect gift for your friends and familywedding favours

We’ve already looked at save the date ideas in our wedding products series and now we’re moving on to the day itself. Wedding favours are a lovely way to show appreciation to your friends and family who have attending the wedding.

Wedding favours are small gifts of gratitude from the bride and groom the guests are given at the wedding reception. It’s something small but meaningful to take home to remember the big day by. It’s also important to put your personal spin on the wedding favours. You want it to match your personalities and the overall theme of the wedding. Hopefully some of the ideas we have here will match your idea of the perfect wedding.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a fun and trendy addition to any kitchen or drinks cupboard. Whether it’s ceramic or glass, with or without a handle, these products are a great product to send your guests home with.

The choice really is yours with these mason jars. We have products with coloured bottoms and products with coloured lids. With wedding favours the aim is to make them memorable and personable. The customisation options on these promotional mason jars might just fill both of those roles perfectly.

Tiny Terracotta Flower Pots 

These tiny terracotta cubes are the ideal thing to send your guests home with. The mini grow kits come in a range of different flowers so there will be a bit of variety in the favours your guests receive.

The small pot comes with soil and seeds so your friends and family can watch the wedding favour grow as your relationship to your spouse grows.


Although not as long lasting as some of the products we’re looking at, scented candles can be a lovely gift to send your friends and family off with.

Scented candles are used in every room in the house. For a relaxing bath in the bathroom, freshening up the living room and as a table-centre in the dining room, your scented candle wedding favours are gifts which will be cherished and used.

Glass coasters*

Glass coasters are an elegant and stylish way to celebrate your marriage. You can have them waiting on the tables at the reception with wine glasses on and announce to the guests that they are theirs to take home for a welcome surprise.

Available in a good range of sizes, shapes and finishes, you can print a loving message to your friends and family to help them remember the special day.

Stemless Wine glasses* wedding favours

Stemless wine glasses could be the ultimate wedding favour for a grown-up wedding. There promotional products may not be suitable for the younger family members.

We mentioned coasters in the section before, these products work as an accompaniment or an equally as impressive wedding favours in their own right.

The stylish and modern glasses can be printed with your wedding details. When your friends and family enjoy a glass of wine with a meal their always reminded of your big day.

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*These products are on our American site. We can source them from our UK suppliers but the prices will vary.