Valentine’s Day Marketing For 2018

17th January 2018 in Branding Advice | Printing Processes

Valentine’s Day Marketing For 2018

Marketing for Valentine’s Day

It’s coming up to that time of year again, exchanging cards, candy, gifts and flowers with your loved one. But it’s also a great opportunity for businesses to promote their brand and help catch attention people’s attention. A good marketing strategy is creating a connection between the brand and consumer. With there being such high competition today, businesses need to search for new and creative ways to promote their brand. It is predicted that a total of $18.2 billion will be spent this year on Valentine’s Day.

A useful way to promote your business for Valentine’s is through TV advertising as it will help you to emotionally connect with people, and most people will be looking for Valentine’s gifts around this time. Supermarkets such as Waitrose and M&S have produced Valentine’s adverts promoting food and drinks they have to offer for this occasion. $1.7 billion is spent on average on candy a year, chocolates are one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts and are very affordable.

It’s important to try and include humour in advertising as it will be more enjoyable for people to watch and they’ll be more likely to remember your company. Brands like M&M add a lot of jokes into their TV adverts and they use cartoon characters to help promote the brand.

Having competitions is a good way to promote your business, as it helps to attract people’s attention and they will receive something in return. Marks and Spencer’s hosted a competition where participants had the chance to win a discount on their online store. Promotional products are the ideal way to promote your business through a competition. Having printed giveaways as a prize is something that interests businesses, charities and individuals.

Social media campaigns will help your business to reach a wider audience, as social media is so popular, and is becoming increasing popular more than just young people. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to provide incredible value to your audience, remember users won’t share content that they don’t enjoy, so try to make it interesting.

An example of a creative gift for Valentine’s Day is a bouquet made from Doritos, it was so popular it completely sold out. It’s important to stand out over your competitors, by coming with new and creative ideas. has a variety of Valentine’s Day promotional products on their website to help promote your business. Branded products are a perfect way to accompany the other forms of marketing we’ve looked at, but they also have enough pulling power to be the centre of any campaign.

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