Using Wristbands As Promotional Gifts

5th October 2011 in Printing Processes

Using Wristbands As Promotional Gifts

When you wonder what promotional items to take to use to promote your business at a trade show, or any other event, think outside the box. Pens and sticky notes are useful, but how many does a person need? For just as little money, a company can order silicone wristbands featuring the company logo and name. Using wristbands as promotional gifts is a fun way to advertise and caters for all age groups.

<a href=””>Promotional silicone wristbands</a> were originally used to promote charitable causes. They became extremely popular and vendors realised they could be used to support sports teams, businesses, and even events. As they expanded the colours and styles, so more  businesses begin to place orders. With several printing methods available, a company can customise the look and change things throughout the year.

In addition to single colour wristbands in hundreds of hues, two, three, and four-colour bands are available. Coloured bands are also affered in a version that glows brightly in dark conditions. Another popular feature is the band which changes colour as it gets heated by your body, resulting in a new appearance. For tour operators, or for companies who holding promotional events in the Mediterranean, mosquito-repelling personalised bracelets are a very good idea.

One of the less common method of producing is the logo or text is debossing, which is the opposite of embossing. The message is embedded into the band, with no additional colouring needed. Infilling the imprint with a different colour is also possible and results in a smooth band featuring two colours. Embossed printing creates a raised look, making the company name and logo jump off the band. Order a few of each style and see which one people prefer.

When ordering wristbands as promotional gifts for trade shows, get a larger quantity than you think you need. Price per piece declines as the order size increases and since these bands can be distributed at other events, they will not go to waste. Everyone who gets a bracelet at the booth will spend the remainder of the trade show advertising your company.

There is a truly amazing range of these wristbands to chose from when you advertise your company. Apart from debossed and embossed bands, there are also multi-coloured bands, and printed bands, not forgetting bands that glow in the dark. All available at low cost and are ideal just to get your name across in new area, at trade shows or networking events and parties.