Using promotional teddy bears and plush toys this Valentines

7th February 2018 in Printing Processes

Using promotional teddy bears and plush toys this Valentines

Promotional teddy bears and plush toys make excellent valentines marketing products. Everyone loves a teddy bear and a plush toy, it played an iconic part in everyone’s childhood. These promotional soft cuddly toys also wins the heart of your special someone.  Here’s how to use a promotional teddy bears or plush toy to promote your business.

Promotional Teddy bears

Our promotional valentine’s teddy bears at come in all different styles and colours, all our teddy bears have the added benefit of printing your company logo, brand or message on the soft cute cuddly toy. Teddy bears will hang around for ages displaying your company message every day.

Promotional teddy bears are excellent for fundraising events, tradeshow giveaways, conferences and for children. These cuddly toys are also a perfect gift when it comes to romance or congratulations, this simple gesture make the other person happy and puts a smile on their faces.

The reason why teddy bears are a great valentines gift is because they’re great for cuddling and it will remind your partner of you every time they cuddle the teddy bear.

Promotional Plush toys

Give your loved one a custom stuffed plush toy and it will keep your partner calm and relaxed. We have a wide selection of different animals plush toys available on

Display your company logo, brand or message on our customizable plush toys, these promotional plush toys can make your romantic partner very happy and raise awareness for your business. These printable plush toys are perfect for schools, charities and retail and hospitality.

We have a wide range of promotional cuddly toys, if you would like to print your company logo on a promotional teddy bears or any of our custom plush toys, please call our friendly sales team on 0116 3660052 or visit and make an enquiry.