Thermos mug and a drawstring bag – A review

24th July 2017 in Printing Processes

Thermos mug and a drawstring bag – A review

New product review – thermos mug and drawstring bag

In our product reviews, we like to look at some of the newest and most innovative products available to market a brand with. We also like to look at some of the tried and tested promotional products and have a look at why they sell well. Today we’re going to look at the Contigo thermos mug and a cotton drawstring bag.

Contigo thermal mug

The Contigo thermal mug is in the same range as the water bottle we have looked at previously. The water bottle we looked at had a push-button technique where you need to press a button for the liquid to come out. The contigo thermal mug has its own uniquely designed way of operating it.

Instead of pressing a button the thermal mug has a ‘snapseal’ system. This system has a level that needs to be lifted for the drinking slot to open up.

The opening and closing mechanism on the Contigo thermal mug isn’t as smooth as the autoseal system on the water bottle. The snapseal system takes a surprising amount of effort to open and close. The water bottle can be open and closed with one hand but the thermal mug needs a hand on the bottle and a hand opening the seal.

It’s a small issue and it’s possibly down to the newness of the sample we were sent. After a bit of use it may loosen up and make it easier to operate.

Other than that issue, it’s an extremely well made and good-looking product. It’s sturdy and this version can hold 590ml. For slightly less you can get the 470ml version which features the same snapseal system. It also keeps drinks hot. It was filled up with coffee at 7.30am and by 11.30am it was still hot. That’s pretty good.

If you were to brand this item your artwork would go on the front of the bottle in a 30mm x 30mm print area. Although engraving has a smaller print area (25mm x 7.5mm), we recommend this as it matches the quality of the product.

Cotton drawstring bags

The second product we’re going to look at doesn’t have any fancy opening and closing mechanisms, it’s a good-old cotton drawstring bag.

One of the most popular products we have and it’s easy to see why. It’s extremely affordable and has a large print area of 220mm x 180mm, which can be printed in up to four colours.

The cotton bag is study enough for daily use and big enough to fit a small picnic or a pair of trainers and some kit.

To find out more information about the Contigo thermal bottle, click here or give our sales team a call. You can find the cotton drawstring bag online here.