Make student marketing for life – not just for Freshers’ week

11th August 2017 in Printing Processes

Make student marketing for life – not just for Freshers’ week

Student marketing is for life – not just for Freshers

Freshers’ week is a great time to market to students. It’s so great that we’ve written a fair few posts on how to take advantage of the couple of weeks. In those posts, we’ve only really focused on freshers’ week – here we’re going to look at how to make sure your marketing efforts go beyond the first two weeks.

Student marketing takes quite a bit of effort. We love promotional giveaways but handing them out at a freshers’ fair and leaving it there probably isn’t going to get it done on its own. The important thing is to keep your brand in the students’ minds. That way the business will develop loyal customers, lasting more than just the first few weeks of the year.

We’ll have a quick look at some tips we think will help you market to students all year round.

Getting the location right

Reaching students with your marketing campaign is probably the easiest part of your campaign. They’re everywhere. Sports clubs, bars, pubs, gyms, coffee shops, sometimes they even go to lectures and seminars. Getting the location of your face-to-face marketing campaign shouldn’t be too hard.

Getting online

Create yourself an online presence. You can use promotional products as part of your social media campaigns too. Free printed giveaways for prize draws on Twitter.

As part of the vote for the baseball All Star Game campaign, the Boston Red Sox provided free tickets for their games if you found a large X they put somewhere in Boston. They tweeted out the picture and the first person there would win the tickets.

It’ll be risky to do this unless you had a decent sized social media following, but it’s another way companies and organisations can use freebies.

Talking about freebies…

Everyone loves freebies – especially students. The Marketing Manager at the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union outlined three very clear winners when it comes to freebies: Domino’s with their free slices of pizza, Nando’s with free chicken and ASDA with free washing-up liquid.

Now you may not be able to contend with free Domino’s pizza or free chicken from Nando’s, but giving out promotional freebies is always going to go down well with students. They’ll find a use for everything. Promotional products such as printed pens and branded bags can be given away throughout the year, so they reach a larger number of people.

Making a good first impression

Our next point is about a good first impression. Creating a lasting impression is going to be key in maintaining a close relationship with students as they grow and move on from university. Students are bombarded with different brands, groups and organisations from day one so you’re going to want to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Making it last

EverythingBranded Red Sox student marketing

Boston Red Sox using a red X for Xander Bogaerts All Star campaign.

One of the positives of going to university or college is that it helps young people shape their opinions. It’s also the time many students leave home for the first time so they are looking for new places to eat, new companies to use and new super markets to shop at. It’s at this time they can create loyalty with a brand that can last further than the couple of years while the students are in education.

Creating a marketing profile, both on and offline is the key to doing this. Using promotional giveaways can enhance the success of both face-to-face and social media campaigns.

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