Promotional products for Stress Awareness Month

20th March 2017 in Printing Processes

Promotional products for Stress Awareness Month

Promotional products for Stress Awareness Month

Stress awareness month starts on April 1 and it’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to think of ways they can ease the stress levels of their employees. The conversation about stress and mental health in the workplace is being increasingly relevant, but awareness months like this are still important to further raise knowledge and understanding of metal health issues in the workplace. Businesses want their employees to have as little stress as possible to ensure a productive and pleasant working environment.

Businesses who want to get involved in this month-long awareness campaign can do so through stress relieving promotional products. Here are our top products we think may help during stress awareness month.

Adult colouring books

Art therapy is a form of therapy which involves self-expression through colouring. These promotional colouring books help adults switch their minds off the things that are stressing them out, and let them only concentrate on what colour the next flower is going to be.

The colouring books are consistently top selling books so the market is there for these products. Giving them away as a free product for stress awareness month is going to go down well.

You could also give away a small pack of promotional colouring pencils to go with the creative products.

Fragrance diffusers

These are good looking and great smelling products. The fragrance diffuser sets include 15ml of lavender flavoured oil and six diffusers which emit a relaxing scent in the room. The scent isn’t potent enough that the whole office will be covered in the lavender, but powerful enough for the individual to take advantage of the calming smell.

Desk garden greenery

Just a hint of green can cheer up even the most boring of desks. The pots we have on offer contain a range of flowers and greenery, from catci to mini sunflowers and daisies.

These products brighten offices up and brighten the day of employees. The flower grows year-round so it’s the ideal promotional product.. You’ll be getting a fantastic return on investment as it sits on potential customers’ desks.

A stressed employee is a less productive employee. These products above are just a few options available to reward your hard-working staff with.

If you’re looking for more information about these products, or have any questions about the best way to raise awareness for stress awareness month, you can chat to our sales team on 0116 3660052. You can also start your search for promotional products on our homepage.