Promotional products for freshers week

7th July 2017 in Printing Processes

Promotional products for freshers week

Promotional products for freshers

The start of the university year is a great time for businesses and student groups to market themselves towards the new starters. Freshers week offers a unique opportunity for these groups so it’s important to take advantage of them.

Students love free stuff. They can go through their three or four year stay not buying a single pen or a notebook, but relying on the promotional gifts they’ve picked up along the way.

Tshirts and clothing

Printed clothing can be the ideal way to promote a planned pub crawl, a sports team, or a student group. Taxi companies can have their details printed on the pub crawl t-shirts which offers two positives. The first is that their details are directly available to everyone on the night out. It’s almost guaranteed work for your taxi firm. The second is safety. On occasion students have been known to drink a little too much. If they are a bit worse for wear, they at least have a taxi number close to hand to help them get home.

Pens & notebooks

When they’re not out on a pub crawl, sometimes freshers head to lectures and seminars. They’ll probably take notes in those lectures. Why not provide them with pens and notepads to make their lives easier?

The majority of students actually do work when they’re at university, so they’ll appreciate being given products to make their lives easier.

Bottle openers

That said, our next product has gone back to alcohol based. Bottle openers are an in-demand product at house parties so it’s a great idea to have one on the go. The bottle opener keyrings are an ever-popular product in the promotional products industry and always sell well around freshers’ week.


We’re going through a mixture of partying and the more studious parts of student life in this post. The final product we’re going to look at is printed USBs. University students can spend a lot of time in libraries and on university computers. Giving the freshers a printed USB will make sure they can transfer work from one computer to another while displaying your brand the whole time.

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